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All businesses & their blogs here

Recent Articles on The English Informer it is Sunday 17th February 2019
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Mrs Beeton's Old Fashioned Yorkshire Pudding
Mrs Beeton's Old Fashioned Yorkshire Pudding! Mrs Beeton's Old-Fashioned Yorkshire Pudding. Camera ran out of battery, so my... more
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Crufts 7th to 10th March 2019
  Crufts 7th to 10th March, 2019 It’s nearly that time again when dog lovers all over the world are going to, or are watching... more
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So much is a compromise
Nothing’s perfect in life. So much is a compromise. Britain’s in a state of flux at present  but is a breakthrough on the... more
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Still life with fruit by Grace McKee
  Still life with fruit by Grace Mckee One of my early oil paintings. The pomegranate was a challenge! More details of this and... more
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Love your dog
Love your dog? Then ‘Boating with Buster’ is the book for you and for one week, and one week only, the ebook is available for... more
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Christmas like a Portuguese Advanced users guide
Celebrating Christmas like a Portuguese: Advanced user’s guide So you’ve actually spent at least one Christmas in Portugal already... more
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One Exhilarating way to get down a mountain
  One Exhilarating way to get down a mountain by Jen     ….. not including skiing or falling. A word... more
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Camino Secrets Part 8
  Camino Secrets - Part 8 In part 7 of my series, Camino Secrets, our excursion to Verin and Allariz took us through Ourense:... more
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Celebrating Christmas like a Portuguese
Celebrating Christmas like a Portuguese: A beginner’s guide Christmas in Portugal revolves around two main aspects: food and... more
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Camino Secrets Part 9
Camino Secrets – Part 9 For people with health issues, or those on a tight schedule, walking the Camino de Santiago is not always... more