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All businesses & their blogs here

Recent Articles on The English Informer it is Monday 25th March 2019
Mixed mini quizzes for...
Mixed mini quizzes for 25th March
  Mixed mini quizzes for 25th March The Airplane Quiz 1. Which sleek airplanes name means 'harmony'? 2. Which actor played... more
The French in Egypt...
The French in Egypt
  The French in Egypt  I was recently in Cairo, and was surprised by what a large French influence there was.  Shops, hotels and... more
One million peaceful...
One million peaceful marchers
Extraordinary scenes in London, not seen since the Iraq war. One million peaceful marchers plus a petition to the PM of 4.5 million. That’s... more
You Cant Drive Your Car...
You Cant Drive Your Car to Your Own Funeral
You Can't Drive Your Car to Your Own Funeral  by Ann Marie Hancock A real insight into caring for a loved one with compassion... more
Touch the Sky...
Touch the Sky
  Touch the Sky by Susan Joyce Swinging is pure joy! As a kid, I loved to swing. If I saw a swing, I’d run for it, sit on it,... more
Camino Secrets Part 9...
Camino Secrets Part 9
Camino Secrets – Part 9 For people with health issues, or those on a tight schedule, walking the Camino de Santiago is not always... more
In The Groove...
In The Groove
In The Groove The irritating beep of the alarm clock signalled the end of our winter break. Ready or not, we had to leave. I rolled over and... more
Celebrating Christmas...
Celebrating Christmas like a Portuguese
Celebrating Christmas like a Portuguese: A beginner’s guide Christmas in Portugal revolves around two main aspects: food and... more
Christmas like a...
Christmas like a Portuguese Advanced users guide
Celebrating Christmas like a Portuguese: Advanced user’s guide So you’ve actually spent at least one Christmas in Portugal already... more
A couple of hours in...
A couple of hours in Tavira Algarve
  A couple of hours in Tavira, Algarve Tavira is yet another amazing fishing town on the Algarve that has not succumbed to mass... more