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Today's Inspiration - " Life is like playing a violin in public and learning the instrument as one goes on" Samuel Butler



All businesses & their blogs here

Recent Articles on The English Informer it is Saturday 21st July 2018
The General Knowledge...
The General Knowledge Quiz 19th July
  The General Knowledge Quiz 19th July 1 - Which fish gets its name from its long whisker-like barbels? 2 - Who directed the 1951... more
Answers to the Quiz 12th...
Answers to the Quiz 12th July
  Answers to the Quiz 12th July 1 - To which creature does Shakespeare compare the schoolboy in the famous 'Ages of Man'... more
Free-from No Sugar Apple...
Free-from No Sugar Apple Loaf Recipe
Free-from, No Sugar, Apple Loaf Recipe   This free-from, no sugar apple loaf recipe is comfort food at it’s best and not only... more
Ramiro Arrue his vision...
Ramiro Arrue his vision of the Pays Basque
  Ramiro Arrue - his vision of the Pays Basque.   Visitors to the Pays Basque with an eye for the graphic arts will soon become... more
Life in Camembert Street...
Life in Camembert Street number 117
  Life in Camembert Street number one hundred and seventeen. And in the meantime, we fit in a wedding in blighty, a few footie matches and... more
Strictly Not Come...
Strictly Not Come Dancing
Strictly Not Come Dancing I pulled the gates closed and we headed for the nearby village of Sober. A bright full moon lit our way. Chirping... more
Tomar pro...
Tomar pro
  Tomar pro   Have you ever heard of wake-boarding? No? Well neither had I until recently. Here in Central Portugal there... more
The Peak District...
The Peak District
  The Peak District. "The Peak District is an upland area in England at the southern end of the Pennines. It is mostly in northern... more
A new day...
A new day
A new day OK I have now got a grip of myself and pulled myself together. The house will never be finished if I mope around feeling sorry... more
  Viticulture - the science of grapes and grape-growing. That clinical, cold-hearted definition doesn’t quite tell the whole... more