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All businesses & their blogs here

Recent Articles on The English Informer it is Saturday 23rd June 2018
My Little Pony by Paul...
My Little Pony by Paul Williams
My Little Pony by Paul Williams It is 60 inches x 40 inches and an oil on stretch canvas This is away from my usual subject matter,... more
Solitary stroll at...
Solitary stroll at sunrise by Grace McKee
  Solitary stroll at sunrise     by Grace McKee   This is an oil painting based on a reference photo taken by... more
Glow by Angela Cartner...
Glow by Angela Cartner
  Glow by Angela Cartner A pale pink wild rose, painted with acrylics on a recycled canvas board. Talking with artist Angela Cartner... more
Running away from the...
Running away from the rat race
Ever feel like running away from the 9 - 5 rat race?  Where would you go - somewhere warm where you could relax away from people, traffic... more
A different kind of...
A different kind of journey
"We take the bye-ways not the highways" A Journey of a Different Kind I've been battling to find the time to write about the... more
Torres Novas annual...
Torres Novas annual medieval fair
  Torres Novas annual medieval fair.   Since 2010 Torres Novas, in Central Portugal has held an annual medieval fair. The fair... more
Yarkon Park in Israel...
Yarkon Park in Israel
  Yarkon Park in Israel by Miriam Drori In the heart of Tel-Aviv, surrounded by roads and traffic and the busyness of the city, is a... more
The kitchen part 3 a new...
The kitchen part 3 a new room to use
  Kitchen part 3, we have another room we can use! The kitchen is now almost complete, but we still have the stone shelf, we both... more
The Engine Room Part 2...
The Engine Room Part 2
  The Engine Room - Part 2 "The grumble of the electronic monster spewing endless tickets is a sound I will never forget"... more
The Leaving of La Ville...
The Leaving of La Ville Oger
  The Leaving of La Ville Oger We're on the move again ... these pics were taken during our last walk down the lane behind our house, on... more