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All businesses & their blogs here

Recent Articles on The English Informer it is Friday 18th January 2019
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Mr Tortoise on a Mission by Simons Acquah
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Life in Camembert Street number 123
  Life in Camembert Street number one hundred and twenty three. So, there we are, trying to navigate Poole, it's rush hour, there are... more
Deadly Quotes Escaping...
Deadly Quotes Escaping Psychiatry 3
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Your Pet Christmas Checklist
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Festive Sherry and Spice Tiramisu
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Celebrating Christmas like a Portuguese
Celebrating Christmas like a Portuguese: A beginner’s guide Christmas in Portugal revolves around two main aspects: food and... more
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Camino Secrets Part 8
  Camino Secrets - Part 8 In part 7 of my series, Camino Secrets, our excursion to Verin and Allariz took us through Ourense:... more
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Christmas like a Portuguese Advanced users guide
Celebrating Christmas like a Portuguese: Advanced user’s guide So you’ve actually spent at least one Christmas in Portugal already... more
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One Exhilarating way to get down a mountain
  One Exhilarating way to get down a mountain by Jen     ….. not including skiing or falling. A word... more
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A couple of hours in Tavira Algarve
  A couple of hours in Tavira, Algarve Tavira is yet another amazing fishing town on the Algarve that has not succumbed to mass... more