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Do not abandon them now

On 6 June 1944 they gathered. Hundreds of thousands. Men and tanks lined the beaches, waiting for the moment to invade France. They came to protect Britain at one of the darkest moments in our history. They were billeted with local families, who generously shared precious rations. Women adored those men who brought luxuries like Spam, canned peaches and strange coffee in granules, and danced the jitterbug to strains of Glen Miller. Yet today, another American lands on our shores. Will he receive the same rapturous welcome? Unlikely, as ‘foolish’ protesters plot mayhem. Misguided, all. It matters not whether we like the current president - in a democracy, wait awhile and another will come along; it’s what he represents that’s important. 75 years ago, the US helped us overcome evil. Do not abandon them now.
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