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Life in Camembert Street number 112

Life in Camembert Street number one hundred and twelve.

And so the folks have been and gone..mum's trip elongated by the generous intervention of the French unions ( on this occasion we were delighted!!) But, I am getting ahead of myself..

Sunday's fish and chips were planned and the family due to roll in mid service. Oh well, I wasn't expecting a big turnout, so it should be a cosy welcome. 6 o'clock came and went, we started to fill up a bit...then more, and more, blimey, this is getting very cosy indeed. I stared gently turfing folk off their tables and onto the sofas as eaters were queuing up when a cheer rang out. Hooray, Mumsy is in the house.  What a welcome! 5 minutes later she is elbow deep in the kitchen washing dishes - I didn't force her, honest! The next few days flew by, we managed one of our famous days out, dining in style and checking out caves and frescos.. We had a ball. So did the woofers and our shower dodging (from above) has now taken legendary status. Sis and bruv in law did the stretch between bar and supermarket hundreds of times  (plus ca change), tried to be brave about the lack of sunshine. But were mainly happy not to be snowed in as they had been chez eux..  They caught up with lots of folk here, home from home for them. It filled up the bar nicely and it was a pleasure to see so many old faces.   

As ever Mumsys rummykub playing was the centre of evening activity. She gracefully lost time and time again, the pupils becoming the masters, but when she did win,  the place erupted..what a star!!

She graced the Paddies do at les Irelandaises - actually, we were last men standing, which wasn't bad for an 82 year old, a non -English speaker and the most knackered woman in the Charente!!! 

So, there was Mumsy,  all ready to head back to Blighty when her flight was cancelled - air traffic controllers doing their thing - nice one. The extra 3 days were very welcome. GF and I left her on her last night and headed up to Chris Klopps birthday celebrations where I had a good dance and GF flexed his pool playing muscles. The evening was lacking the presence of les Irelandaise, where were they?  It turns out la I was screaming in agony having bounced down her concrete staircase and was currently going through her repertoire of prayers to ensure her ability to walk again. Visits to hospital evidenced fractured vertebrae and the news that 8 weeks doing NOTHING were on the cards (this for the woman found washing the bathroom ceiling before their paddy's day party!!) So the praying had some effect, and the 'doing nothing' the penance?? Holy Moly.

The end of the month drew to a close with a joint birthday do..our artist et moi. She had arranged a musician she had seen elsewhere to perform for us, and he insisted on working to the letter of the law so muchos paperwork ensued (you can easily be buried in french paperwork if you aren't careful).  The day was already busy - lunch for 10. Well, it turned into 6, then 7, but who's counting?? Then a dash down to M. Certain to drop off the woofers for a visit, if JRD and Norfolk boy hadn't helped man the fort goodness knows how we'd've done it...then organise the buffet, blow up balloons, party on down.....then the music started OMG, he was the best thing since sliced bread (or fresh croissants! !) Lots of folk in to celebrate our birthdays, great fun evening. Then tidy up, shower, new hair colour on and drive to Bordeaux - off for 6.30 am flight to Corsica. Can we do it? ? Of Corse!!! Every time I drive to Bordeaux airport it honks it down and this was no exception. GF and I stayed alert with the addition of energy drinks and cakes (the healthy option). Oh, a few road works in the mix too?? No worries, bring it on, we like a challenge.


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