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Has your seed cracked

Has your seed cracked?

Today I had an amazing coaching session, though this time I was coached ! Yes,coaches need coaches!

Two great things happened during this session:

We reprogrammed a memory from my primary school years that had been holding me back all my life without me realizing it. This memory had stopped me making a big decision about my work and also stopped me from playing it BIG! Incredibly, after the session I can only remember the new reworked version, I cannot remember the old original one!!!

The second was overcoming my fear of jumping, jumping to take my business full time. I worried in case I wouldn’t succeed in making enough to survive. A while ago I went through a very difficult period which really served to teach me so much and give me tools to use. I filled my toolbox so to speak. I had been petrified to relive this moment. My coach, however, reminded me that it was impossible to relive this again. Why? Because I had learnt and grown from it.

When a seed cracks open, it only does it once, and from that the plant can grow. It only needs to open once for that shoot to sprout. If we see what is happening and we stay with that growth, seeing what is happening and searching for the lessons shown, then it is like watering and feeding that shoot, it grows quickly. However if after cracking open we do not realize what is happening (we see it as failure, disaster) then the seed receives little water and so grows so much more slowly, but it does grow.

I realized that my seed had cracked and it won’t crack again! I can grow onwards and upwards, the sky's the limit!

If you would like to know how to water your seed so that you can grow, you can contact me.

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