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Answers to Arts and Entertainment Quiz 3rd Jan
Answers to Arts and Entertainment Quiz 3rd Jan

Answers to The Arts and Entertainment Quiz 3rd January.

1 - In Monsieur Hurlot's Holiday, Jacques Tati awarded himself one word of dialogue. What was it?
A - 'Hulot'

2 - Under what name was Javanese dancer Marguerite Zelle better known?
A - Mata Hari

3 - Who wrote Under Milk Wood?
A - Dylan Thomas

4 - Which painter was married to Antonio Zucchi?
A - Angelica Kauffmann

5 - What is a gazebo?
A - A small tower or summer-house with a view

6 - Who played the title role in the play Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont?
A - Celia Johnson

7 - Who choreographed the 1935 film version of A Midsummer Night's Dream?
A - Bronisawa Nijinska

8 - Who wrote the libretto for Otello and composed Mefistofele?
A - Arrigo Boito

9 - What were used as mallets in the Red Queen's croquet match?
A - Flamingoes

10 - Whose portrait by Sargent typifies the foreigner's idea of the 'Milord anglais'?
A - Lord Ribblesdale's

11 - Who designed the Upper Belvedere Palace, Vienna?
A - Lukas von Hildebrandt

12 - What did Eileen Fowler enjoin us to do?
A - Keep fit

13 - Who played the title role in The Barefoot Contessa?
A - Ava Gardener

14 - Which musical comedy contains 'Slaughter on Tenth Avenue'?
A - On Your Toes

15 - Which noval starts, ' "Take my camel, dear," siad my Aunt Dot'?
A - The Flowers of Trebizond, by Rose Macaulay

16 - Who painted 'The Death of Wolfe'?
A - Benjamin West

17 - Who designed Chiswick House?
A - Lord Burlington

18 - Whose friend was Boo-boo?
A - Yogi Bear's

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