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General Knowledge Quiz 11th Jan
General Knowledge Quiz 11th Jan

 General Knowledge Quiz 11th January.

1 - Which red supergiant is the second largest star in the Orion?

2 - What is the name of the principal chapel of the Vatican, famous for its ceiling decorated by Michelangelo?

3 - Who was television's The Gaffer?

4 - What is the collective name for Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario?

5 - With which musical instrument was Andrés Segovia associated?

6 - What natural phenomena does a seismologist study?

7 - Which former Take That star received a record number of nominations for the 1999 Brit Awards?

8 - Who played The Cable Guy in a 1996 film?

9 - Which Italian composer wrote The Four Seasons?

10 - What is the capital of El Salvador?

11 - Which British polititian helped to form NATO, as foreign secretary in the postwar Labour government?

12 - In which country is the Great Bear Lake?

13 - Which American president was defeated in the 1932 election by Franklin D Roosevelt?

14 - Painter James Tissot's London house was near which cricket ground?

15 - Of which U.S. state is Topeka the capital?

16 - What nationality was the operatic soprano Kirsten Flagstad?

17 - Which Irish author wrote the novellas First Love and The Expelled?

18 - To what rank in the Royal Navy was The Duke of York promoted in 1999?

Answers will be posted here on 18th January 2018.

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