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Lovely new memories made despite chronic illness


A list of lovely new memories made despite chronic illness.

I really enjoyed my December “make memories” challenge. You can read more about it here, but the idea behind it was to capture any new memories made during the month of December – instead of just looking back to the things I used to be able to do before chronic illness.

I can’t say it’s been an easy month, as I had a tough few weeks health wise, but my challenge has really helped me to pause and appreciate the good moments. Looking at my list now, I realise I have lots of lovely memories to treasure. I’m so glad now that I managed to capture them all!

Thank you to everyone who joined me by sharing their memories. It was so lovely to read about them all. I also want to say a really big thank you to Natalie of Surviving Life’s Hurdles who shared lots of great moments throughout the month. Especially some fun crafty activities she did with her son. Natalie has a great blog about living well with chronic illness (as well as some fab craft tutorials) and I really recommend checking it out.

I’ve listed my memories below.

* Curled up on sofa, enjoying my first (Dairy Free, Gluten Free!) mince pie of the year with a delicious pot of red berries tea!


* My son & I are both full of colds & up lots in night ~ but I couldn’t help but laugh at his rendition of jingle bells at 4am! 

* Listening to Christmas music whilst enjoying a comforting breakfast of porridge with maple syrup & cinnamon! 

* My little boy’s excitement this morning at his first sight of snow this year!


* A very rare couple of hours out with my husband, sat by a cosy log burner!

* Festive afternoon ~ putting up the Christmas tree & building (well I watched!) a slightly freaky snowman!


* Tea, blanket, twinkly tree lights, cheesy Christmas movie!

* Finishing the last of our Christmas cards! They started off ok but then went a bit off-piste!


* Tough day but made somewhat better being cuddled up with my son watching “The Snowman” with a hot chocolate!

* Enjoying a peaceful twilight by the canal a few evenings ago.


* Enjoying my son’s daily singing & dancing to Christmas songs! Bringing me some Christmas cheer even on the tough days.

* I found some energy for some (very!) simple winter animal craft with my son. In case you wondered it’s meant to be a polar bear!


* It’s been a quiet few days but sharing this nice memory from last week of feeding the ducks with my son!

* Being able to go to my son’s playgroup Christmas party for a bit & enjoying some festive activities!

* Curling up and reading Christmas stories with my son.

* Every year I love circling things to watch in the Christmas TV guide! There’s no way I’d be able to watch it all, but it’s nice to do!

* Grateful my son had a wonderful Christmas & (with lots of rests!) I was able to share it with him & family.

* Lazy morning. Son playing with new toys. Husband cooking a ham. I’m catching up on rest. All feels calm again! Happy days!

* Beautiful, frosty morning here today. Taking time to pause, admire the view & enjoy the peace that nature brings.


2017: found the confidence to start my blog; met some lovely new online friends; shared some precious moments with family; and taking photos of the canal throughout the seasons! 

Doing this challenge has made me reflect on how helpful it’s been taking the time to pause, appreciate and capture these memories. Instead of just thinking December was a tough month with a few nice things going on; I can refer back to my list and realise that I made lots of lovely, new memories.

As always, I’d love to hear any comments you may have below!

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year! Hopefully filled with lots of nice, new memories!

Emma England
Chronic Illness / Holistic Health Blogger


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