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A goodie bag containing Marmite

Have just returned from visiting our son who’s moved to a beautiful English village. To help him we donated some household appliances but it was the goodie bag containing Marmite that really perked him up. As a vegetarian, its B12 components are essential to boost his health and well-being.

Looking around the world I see that the North Korean leader’s sister has been used as a diplomatic tool to build relations with S. Korea but was this merely a subtle, cynical weapon against America? In Gaza children are indoctrinated from birth to hate the so-called ‘enemy’ Israel. It even uses toys and ‘educational’ books to teach innocent children to kill and maim others.

This isn’t how to treat family members. In an increasingly uncertain world, family is often all we have and the ones we trust the most. Don’t use them as a weapon; give them love; give them Marmite to heal themselves. Only then will the next generation be fit to spread the love without inner hate.

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