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All Saints is nigh

All Saints is nigh!

Is it present time yet ?

Mr Junkyard has gone very quiet. I wonder if it has anything to do with the latest “leak” from his office ? One could suspect that the late Nazi propaganda and disinformation training handbooks have found their way to Bruxelles via Luxembourg ! Me thinks that it is a good thing that the C.E. does not boast a Nuclear Armed Military Force. The general behavior of the Bruxelles Martinets is being mirrored by the Spanish government and shares the same characteristic in being strictly verbal .

If it was not so serious, the Catalan affair would be almost pure Gilbert & Sullivan with the added touch of powder puffs at ten paces ! There is no such thing as a docile Spaniard.

The underlying cause is not claimed to be undying patriotism or even Barca Footie Club but quite simply the resentment of paying taxes to support those (regions) who do not. This sentiment is being repeated in northern Italy. It was also muttered in Hungary and even Poland. In some of the newer CE member states this sentiment has been a life mantra since the old King died. Places such as Romania and Bulgaria. Even the Czech – Slovakian split of recent history heralded the sentiment. On the larger scale the bribery paid to the minnow nations forming the famous 27 has caused resentment in the monied hearths of Dutch and german burghers. Despite my 25 years of residence in France I have yet to actually hear at first hand the opinions expressed on Radio, TV or broad sheets! I still wait to hear a Citoyen state that he approves of his elected government !

Having made this assessment from my comfortable ruin called home, I can reflect on the visits to most of the CE countries and States. Where ever I have been the evidence of financial benefit is evident. I have watched the roads transit from Dirt to Autoroute. The poor newcomers received their handouts whilst the established first families made their fortunes from the reconstruction work. The rich were happy. The workers saw the steady near flood of eastern Europeans coming to take their jobs and cut their wages. Suddenly the well established and big employers shifted their port of registry to places where things cost less to carry out business in places where life was expensive. Tax from both workers and enterprises was no longer landing in the exchequers of the trading countries. Even VAT was collected in that mini town/market garden called Luxembourg ! Typical losses to individual countries like GB or France and Germany is in excess of €M55 annually.

Suddenly our Utopia is paying enormously enhanced benefits to the nouveau unemployed plus supplements to the workers receiving less than living wage and their children. Their trading enterprises are paying their profits to a foreign office and avoiding any other taxes which are levied on their competition. Money is simply hemorrhaging out of the country !

Meanwhile, having reviewed the state of social content in our joint utopia it is proving difficult to determine to find the advertised and expected state of calm. Even mini Malta is having something of an upheaval ! The Catalan situation (as of today Sat 28th Oct) is rather bizarre. The State or federal Government has made it quite clear that the provincial government is simply an administrative tool. Democracy need not apply ! Having said that, the complaints of the new remainers, that the percentage of the population which is pro independence is way less than 50%. There is also a suspicion that only true fourth generation Catalans are countable. The Swiss system is similar with the difference that the subjects for referendum are chosen / selected by the electorate. I confess to finding much merit in this. The idea that our representatives are installed in order to battle for our needs has rarely shown itself to be true. The systems demands primary loyalty to the party. Puppets is the word which springs to the fore .

The two predominant types which pose for power are the PPP Oxbridge and the redbrick Socialists (the fervent type). The former are certain of their right to be a Minister and the latter equally certain of their god given right to punish the population for having kept them in the shadows or under a heavy stone in order to protect themselves. The common binding energy is the sure and certain knowledge that democracy plays no part in their daily grind.

Having been convinced that the majority of Europeans do not vote because of disinterest or simple idleness I wonder if the corollary leads to the great unrepresented having their bi-annual destructive riot as their method of political cut and thrust ! For almost a century the trades unions have relied on votes held by only the inner sanctums, the latter day change to minimum % of voters has slowed the endless string of strike votes (Southern Rail would no doubt dispute this). The rush of government to ensure majority voting is not exactly awe inspiring. Evidently a system like the Australian mandatory voting system would be essential to prevent failures due to insufficient votes (it would be a gift wrapped tool for crippling governance). The alternative in our blessed Europe and soon to be, lesser Britain, is to simply eliminate the word Democracy ! It follows that all the related cock and bull could take the same route to oblivion.

Having once again dwelt upon the failure or even the appropriation of Democracy to our mode of political life it invites a resumé of the increasing band of disaffecteds. There has been a lack of the familiar shrill abuse emanating from the heart of Belgium (where waits a similar long term simmering problem). The last thing on Euro news today was the IT minister explaining how they were going to persuade the Amazons of this world to behave properly or bear the wrath of the Commission as it writes new laws before telling the puppet parliament what to vote.

They seem not to remember that it was junkyard who wrote the rules of the scam. She justified this as having been done when we knew much less about electronic trading --- Really ?

Tomorrow is the first day of the Fall.

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