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Answers to Pot Luck Quiz 5th October
Answers to Pot Luck Quiz 5th October

Answers to Pot Luck Quiz 5th October.


1 - Canada has two official languages. What are they?
A - French and English

2 - Which boat is made from a wickerwork frame covered with a leather skin?
A - Coracle

3 - Who plays con-man Harold Hill in the 1962 musical film The Music Man?
A - Robert Preston

4 - If the British call him a tramp, what would Americans call him?
A - A hobo

5 - GATT is an abbreviation for which agreement?
A - General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

6 - In heraldry, what colour is vert?
A - Green

7 - Lewis Carroll was an Oxford professor as well as a writer. What was his subject.
A - Mathematics

8 - US comedian Jimmy Durante was known by what nickname?
A - Schnozzle

9 - What kind of creatureis a Jonathan Livingstone?
A - Seagull

10 - Snooker was invented in which country?
A - India

11 - Elton John's 'Candle in the Wind' is a tribute to which star?
A - Marilyn Monroe

12 - In which decade were tea bags first launched?
A - 1920s

13 - What was the previous name of Taiwan?
A - Formosa

14 - Which animal would you find living in a citadel?
A - Mole

15 - Who is the hero of The Thirty-Nine Steps?
A - Richard Hannay

16 - British rule in India was known by the Hindi word for 'sovereignty'. What is it?
A - Raj

17 - In the rhyme 'Hickory Dickory Dock', what time did the clock strike?
A - One

18 - Which elderly actress won an Oscar for best actress in Driving Miss Daisy?
A - Jessica Tandy

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