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Anything is possible where there is sufficient will

Carcassonne. A beautiful, mediaeval French cite normally thronged with tourists.

I remember riding around the ancient battlements on the horse-drawn caleche. But not this week.  

I remember taking the audio tour of the castle and puffing up all those cobbled hills to the numerous cafes and restaurants, viewing the blissful countryside from on high. But not this week.

This was the week where yet another terrorist killed and injured innocent people. And this was the week when a French gendarme showed incredible bravery.

How to stop more innocents being shot in the future? Same solution as in the US.  Everyone gets angry at life’s injustices, so it’s imperative no-one has access to a weapon. So, a) an armistice for citizens and gun groups to hand in all guns to the local police prefecture, and b) a ban on the manufacture and sale of all guns. What a fitting tribute that would be for a brave, brave gendarme.

Anything is possible where there is sufficient will.


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