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Exciting Times

Exciting Times


This week is one of the most exciting so far. I think could even say it is on a par with getting our first indoor toilet, and I really didn’t think life could get better than that. (This is only something you could understand when you live in a house with no bathroom and have to go to the garden with a torch)

But the reason for this great excitement, my daughter and little baby granddaughter are coming to stay, not just popping round for a coffee but coming to stay for 5 days.

I know it has not been that long since I last saw them, but it still takes a lot of getting used to not being there all the time.

But as we said in the beginning we will get quality over quantity. If we still lived in the UK, I would be working long hours and driving from one end of the country to the other, the best we could hope for would be a coffee here and there, but living here in France, the quality of our time spent with family is much better.

As I said they are coming here for nearly a week, how many people can say that they get to spend a full week with a new baby. We spent the first 4 weeks with them in the UK, and I have been over for short visits. I am actually a little worried they may get fed up of me!

This is part of the dream of living in France, family visiting and the grandchildren enjoying the cultures of two countries, at some point, hopefully, they will come to see France as just as much their home as the UK is.

This is a wonderful gift to be able to give to your grandchildren and we fully realise just how privileged we are.

We are not rich, after all we still live in a pile of rubble, but this week we have managed to clear a lot of it, and we have seats in the living room, the kitchen will not cause food poisoning and we have made the main bedroom look nice.

We need to make sure that they want to come again and that they will share my dream of visiting regularly

The only thing now is to clean the car, this is going to take some time as it has been used as a mobile skip and will now need to carry a baby, the car needs to be spotless. This takes a long time and as I switch it on I see a warning light that the battery is low, we try the engine and nothing! This is not good; I am driving to the airport tomorrow.

We call a friend and he pops up with some jump leads, the car gets going and we take it for a good drive to make sure the engine is in perfect working order for tomorrow.

I am so excited, nothing can go wrong with this trip, and those are the words guaranteed to jinx it!


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