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Good Intentions and unplanned results

Good Intentions and unplanned results.

21 Aug 2017
Ever since the Labour party lost control of it's senses, ( that would be ever since Cameron abdicated after leading politics into a combined minefield and quicksand), there has been a desperate need for leadership and cohesive policy.

Neither has been in much evidence since that time. What has been very much demonstrated is the gang violence present in left wing politics . This has been always present since Hatton's days in Liverpool and presently manifests in the Momentum movement bolstered by the Trades Unions. These organisations are convinced that the politics and opinions of their leadership speak for everyone. Those who are not true believers are therefore heretics. Such heretics are to shouted down. If this fails then violence is in order.

Since the early years of the 20th century the labour party have sought more than passive resistance. (I invite you to recall the results of Ghandi's passive resistance in 1947 India). During several wars they instigated strikes which were on a par with treason. It has demanded the passage of some decades in order to highlight the evidence that the speakers who demanded justice for the masses whom they represented and supported were, more often than not, descended from the aristos and monied families and had suffered silver service and education at oxbridge. It would be hard to believe that they preached egalitarian sermons at home to the servants (or indeed to the college servants !)

Their apparent incompatable backgrounds vs claimed beliefs do tend to ease the reasoning processes when querying their ability to obstruct attempts to benefit the country in order to protect their party (in their view). We have watched PC continue it's cancerous growth and become enmeshed with the Human Rights movement. These Rights apply to all except the Honest, White, Christian Native born people. Their function is to supply the money ! The most insidious rule involve the curtaillment of any criticism. This rule has been enlarged at each step until even the thought police have difficulties accommodating the correct point of infringement. The natural progression to reach a proper solution is to pre convict the opposition to ensure their silence. In fact the easier way is to pre lable such opposition as Racist, Fascist, Sexist or what ever feels best suited. Any moves to protest will gain more of the same but with accusations of violence.

In no time flat the political opposition has no right to speech of any kind and simply not agreeing or contra voting, is sufficient to have your votes disallowed and accusations (denouncements) of sympathetic views in oppostion to true socialism and thus worthy of imprisonment.

In the present ----- The UK government is reluctant to utter such words as Muslim or Arab, Asian etc.

Spain and France have shown no such qualms. The reports coming from the hometown of the latest murderers all follow the same line of no unusual behaviour. No one seemed surprised that almost an entire town is home to not only Morrocans (settled & refugee status) but home to an Imam with openly hostile history and suddenly easily associated with other atrocities around Brussels and even the USA. He was not on any bodies watch list !

The local Muslim Representative remarked that the offered ignorence of the entire town population and involved familys is simply not credible. It is refreshing to hear these sane words. I have always held the view that these types of crimes must be wider in the planning than one person. Equally the active minority survive the planning and execution because people have either closed their minds to what they see and hear or are sympathetic to the cause.

I do not believe that any guerilla offensive has ever enjoyed continuous success unless the static population was supportive. Equally it has to be admitted that extreme terrorism is effective in controlling the non combattents. I am not sure that the theory giving rise to effective uprising starts from the deaths of the cannon fodder victims. Simply put, you are going to die either way so why not let it be your choice ? Fear of Death or Pain only works if none results. Once it begins what is there to fear ?

I am not sure that the Rogue Imams etc are going to give up their demented gospel easily. Equally the claims that various hyper rich countries are heading the cabal should be easily proven in this modern era of Banking. Just as easily we should have a game plan available to us by now. Yelling God is great might help a junkie high on goodness knows what but there has to be plan further down the line. The only other possibility is that all of those people are stark raving mad !

22 Aug 2017:

The latest from Barcelona this morning was of some small thousands of people demonstrating in the Plaza del Catalonia. They declared themselves to be Muslims against terrorism. This is a very brave and welcome act. I do hope that the Catalan people will give them every support.

Equally welcome were several reports from across the western civilised world which suggested that the principles of free speech should upheld and backed up with the mainstay of Democratic determination.

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