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How to Clean Your Dogs Teeth

How to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

Keeping your dog’s teeth and gums healthy is very important, after all, we look after ours, don’t we?

In the past I have had dogs who love raw bones and have found them an excellent way to keep the teeth clean. However not all dogs like bones, yes, that is true, our Toby doesn’t, and also some people don’t like the thought of raw bones around the place, which is fair enough.

We give Toby a Dentistick each night. Dentisticks can be easily purchased in a variety of flavours and sizes depending on the size of your pet. It should be noted however that these should NOT be used like other treats for your dog. They should only have one a day, and I can unfortunately vouch from personal experience that giving more than one can easily result in an upset tummy.

Your dog should also have their teeth cleaned a minimum of twice a week, with toothpaste, and, as with most things, this is a lot easier if it is started as a puppy.

You must NEVER use human toothpaste, there are special toothpastes for dogs with lovely flavours like chicken and beef.

At first, gently get your dog used to having his lips lifted and teeth touched, no rough handling, just gently and remember it will be strange to him/her.

Brush the toothbrush in a circular motion, ensuring that you get right to the back. It is important, if possible whilst you are getting your pet used to this, to have someone else present to help hold the animal, and offer words of reassurance.

If your dog’s teeth are in bad condition or discoloured you should visit the vet who will check them over properly for you, then get into a regular routine at home.


Susan Keefe

Award Winning Author



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