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Life in Camembert Street number 100

Life in Camembert Street number one hundred.

So, here we are at Camembert Street #100, there's no doubt that when I started doing this for Thomas I had no idea it would run for this long - ding dong. I can also say that since then, there have been other losses that have shaken us all, but feel we have to remember the wonderfulness and joy that we have shared. Ole to friends lost, Ole to good times, Ole to the future.

Holiday in the sun? Check....the motley crew arrived at Bordeaux in good time, got on the plane heading for sunny Lisbon. Ahh, time to relax, glass of wine in hand..oh, coming in to land..what's that? Suddenly, we lurch back into the sky. Oh of course! When travelling with Les Irelandais there is always a problem!!! We eventually landed, having circled a couple of times - I  could hear the prayers emitting from La Irelandaise behind me... They obviously worked, although  it's positively a hotline everyone she sets foot on a plane. Then we disembarked, oh yes, hot sunshine, yes, I remember that. We got into a queue  (the cri de coeur for the next 5 days) for a taxi, hold on, Le Irelandais has a walking stick,  oh that gave us some leverage- not physically I might add, suddenly we are enjoying rock and roll treatment and first to be seen off. Good work Mr bad back!  

The next 5 days pass by in a flash of slippery cobbles, stairs, sun, wine and egg custards. There were special moments - jumping on trams and elevators, trying to get onto high bar stools, bar crawling when we are really far too long in the tooth, but all in all, good, if vertically challenged, times. 

Heading back to the airport, what will that bring? The ordered taxi failed to materialise, aye aye, frantic phone calls came to nothing. We flag down another..phew, in good time for the check in. We start to wait, natch there is a delay - I refer you to the second paragraph. No info on the screens, pfft however we can find out via the website. 2 flamin' hours. That could have been a leisurely breakfast. Oh well. 

We got back for the evening, mon-ex happily holding the fort. Just having his first sip of alcohol as the antibiotics had finished. Lovely meal on the table for me? Close early as I would obviously be tired?? A de-brief letting me know what was what?? Well,  no, not exactly. Meal finally put together at midnight. He was, by that time pretty much blowing bubbles having had a few drinks over the road as well as a bar. Plus ca change! In absentia,  he had had a great time. Lots of the old regulars called in to see him and no one could believe how little he had changed, always great fun and full of stories. He also had the internationally famous staircase on his van. Had it been fitted while I was in Lisbon? Dare I ask? With all those builder mates and experts at hand?? Did he? Did they?? Well, no. It was still on the van. Great. It is now in the garden. Double great!! Although I did have someone offer to buy it at the weekend!!  Anyways, he stayed on for a couple of days, the woofers enjoyed that a lot. On Sunday we went to Mad Mels for her last meal of the season. Curry for Sunday lunch?  Of course. Poor old mon-ex was struggling with a hangover as I dragged him up, but he lit up when he got there and charmed everyone. Actually,  it was great for him to catch up with those he hadn't seen. And then, bang, back to the grindstone. A busy week ahead and plans afoot for a fundraising bonanza. Mr B also turned up, needing help with paperwork and a bit of attention, blimey, spreading myself a bit thin here!!  Dya know, I think I might need another holiday....
TTFN cheers Tom xx

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Susan - 12/10/2017

Congratulations for a fabulous 100, always raising a smile, a joy!

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