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Life in Camembert Street number 111

Life in Camembert Street number one hundred and eleven

This has been a week or so of extra libation for various reasons...Thursday saw a supper club when Aldo Porto offered his cherries in Cognac,  we can do that, we thought. We tried, we choked on the potency..we gave it another go, no problem. Until the next day, when a sparrow passing wind outside sounded like a harrier jump jet. How did my head get into this state?? Oh gosh, I remember insisting the supper clubbers did the warm up activities I used to do with my English class in Ealing, oh no, and now I come to think of it, we really didn't need an icebreaker at that point.. Why oh why????

Friday passed in a blur, there was the vernissage to cope with (it was lovely to be fair, but my tolerances were unusually low and the presence of 90% French tested my linguistics pretty thoroughly. It exhausted my poor frazzled brain).  Saturday was even worse,  an evening of strange people,  often already sloshed on arrival, a slightly edgy evening, not really helped by  GF sitting looking tense as I dealt with the 'jolly' lot. Tensions abated with info the bloke #1 had headed out, had an alfresco piddle and fallen head first into the field opposite. His troupe of buddies seemed unfazed and uninterested-nice mates!! After that, the evening eased, but it was a bit of a marathon. The next week saw a wake for a UK friend, he was a great character and Miss Anna was gutted not to get back for the real funeral so we held our own. His drink of choice was rum (can't bear it), so in his name I rustled up 3 different types. We had a damn good go at the 3 bottles but have to confirm that spiced rum is great, dark rum okay, but white rum only fit for changing your voice and coughing loudly. We drank,  we sent burnt offerings, we cried, JRD held the bar while this was going on and various friends and punters passed through, no doubt wondering what all the crying and burning was about (think viking funerals and downgrade a little).  Oh, and Aldo Porto and the Alsacian were coming for supper...pull yourself together woman,  people need to eat!  By 8.30, Miss A and JM were convinced to stay and supper was served. We had a cracking evening and raised many a glass to Dangerous Dave. Goodness knows how we got to the end of the evening, and TBH it was only midday on Thursday when I noticed some writing on the blackboard that I remembered that game of killer that I insisted on playing. Oops, how embarrassing. Good job I am a happy drunk!! 

Thursday was a day off, GF and I headed out for some rnr before the family visit and headed our to the caves near Angouleme. Meticulous timing meant we arrived bang on 2pm. Oh, it says 2.30 at the kiosk, we head off for a walk with the pooches. A good stretch and we find our way back, hmm, still no-one there, that's odd. Oh, re-read the sign, dammit,  we are a month early for opening grrr as Wendy would say. So, off we head and end up in the Dordogne, a visit to a lovely lake and the pooches have the freedom to run and play. Rhino was particularly impressive as he dived into the lake, into the shallow stinking mud end as he chased some coypu. Oo, look, crocodile I mused (inaccurately) when he first got in. But the chase was quickly replaced by the game that all ducks seem to play..chase me, chase me till you get near, then I will fly away. Dogs never get wise to this game, and they always lose. GF had never seen the dogs in water before and enjoyed the fun of it, but the novelty was starting to wear off after 50 mins  and in the end a grab was made for Rhino as he struggled to get out the water. Butt of them ended up scritched by brambles but wearing the happy smile of one who had battled nature and won!!

By the time we got back to base everyone was exhausted and it was lovely not to be open. Oh, what's that? Jp and Aldo at the door?? OK then,  open just for you..never has an evening been so long...!!

So, now it's all systems go getting ready for the visit, fish and chips, curry night then birthdays Oo la la..it's all go round here!!!


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Del - 10/03/2018

Love reading your weekly updates.

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