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Of Foreign Build part five

Of Foreign Build part five


Eritrea life – the coffee ceremony was the highlight though.


… and so it went on ….

Grey days and bumpy seas

On watch we always wear our harnesses

While checking into Egypt, an oil slick ‘checked-in’ to our hull!

Having fun at the Pyramids – we laughed all day (except when the Camel Handler had an argument with a camel) and I forgot those “Medusa Woman” moments of when the Red Sea Pilots were nagging us!


I started to have some of my sailing articles published! A perfect office with plenty of material!


Noel and I took it in turns with all the jobs on board. Noel took his camera up the mast – you can just see me on deck.

I started thinking more of our photos, I love the contrasts of this picture – the practical, the beautiful and the handsome!

Hertfordshire and home – Noel fulfils a lifelong dream – plus Yorkshire and Staffordshire!

Mariah trucked to Hertfordshire and my parents’ garden.

Mariah under a glorious Oak tree and my dad helping control our mast, which was on its way to its ‘perfect’ storage space.
by Jackie Parry.
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