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Pets are for life not just for Christmas

Pets are for life not just for Christmas!

Christmas is so exciting! A time for giving, and in today’s throw away world most things are disposable, after all fads come and go, some resurface after many years and make us old ones smile.

Every parent wants their child to have what they want, every lover wants to give their loved one that gift they have been yearning for. If the gift is something like a toy or jewellery then that is fine, after all if you can afford to, why not make them happy. However the one thing which shouldn’t be given as a present is an animal or bird. Why, because as the saying goes, every little girl wants a pony, but luckily not every parent can find the room in their garden for one, and so thousands of girls grow out of their love of ponies, and move onto boys without the ponies suffering. That cute puppy, kitten, hamster or budgerigar however may be a lot more possible for the parents to afford and keep, yet they crave human attention a lot more, and although they may be cheaper to keep, their needs are many and constant.

So, before you give in to your loved one this Christmas, remember, Christmas, with all its excitement is not a good time to settle a new animal, why not wait until the New Year. There are many books and other presents which can be bought in preparation for the new pet, and introducing the pet into a calm household will help it settle down.


Susan Keefe

Award Winning Author


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