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Preparing for Winter

Preparing for Winter

Before the weather becomes too bad there are quite a few non plant jobs to do in the garden.

If the weather is clement and you haven’t had time before it may be a good idea to look at putting some paint or wood preservatives on fences and sheds, not only for aesthetics but also to increase their life span.

Material parasols and canopies should be stored in a dry and vermin free place over winter.

Water buts should be cleaned out and covered so leaves cannot get into them.

Branches and garden debris which is going to be burnt should be put in a pile in a DIFFERENT place to where it is going to be burnt. Many hedgehog lose their lives this time of the year when their hibernation places are set off in flames.

If you have a bird table or feeders now is the time to make sure they are in good repair and start a regular feeding routine so the wildlife learn that there is food readily available at the location.

Perhaps you are thinking about making a compost bin or leaf mould container, both are invaluable and easy to make. There are many different options for both and videos are readily available on YouTube.

You can take the nets off of fruit cages, remove any leaves or debris caught in them and store them in a dry place ready for next year.

When the grass stops growing you should give your lawn mower a good clean and oil, then store it in a dry place for the winter.

These are just a few suggestions, I am sure if you look around your garden you will see many more things to do.


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Article by Susan Keefe 

RHS Qualified Gardener

Qualified in Garden Landscape, Design and Planting.



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