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The French would laugh at such a question

I’ve never liked practical jokes. So April Fools’ Day for me is a stupid tradition. In France in 1508 poet Eloy d’Aqueval called it Poisson d’Avril.

Perhaps the news of the new post-Brexit blue British passport being produced by the French should have been announced today. Where’s the French passport produced? The French would laugh at such a question. Something with such serious national security issues, of course needs to be made by the French. This overrides normal global trading and tendering laws.

The French also understand how to preserve manufacturing jobs in their own country. Why are there so many French cars on their autoroutes? Because of a clever ruse where French car insurers give driver discounts for French-made vehicles.

Whatever next for Britain - a monarch who comes from Germany??  

Now, for real humour - and not just for today either - pre-order my comic sequel From Paradis to Perdition on authl.it/9v7, and follow a year in France written in Him indoors’ Jack Benny-like style. Enjoy!


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