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Your Guinea pig and Rabbits Natural Habitat

Looking at your Guinea pig and Rabbits Natural Habitat


Looking out my window I can see my horse eating in the field and it struck me that, no-one thinks twice about a horse being in a field it’s natural, however we don’t necessarily think the same way when it comes to rabbits and guinea pigs.

Many people keep rabbits and guinea pigs as pets yet keep them all year round in cages, these animals in the wild naturally eat grass and other wild plants. When my children were small we had an enormous run where our Guinea pigs used to spend all summer. The cage was animal proof with a wire base as well to prevent them from burrowing out, and to keep predators out. It used to be moved around the garden to allow them to feed on fresh plants and so the ground didn’t get stale. They still had their guinea pig mix and of course fresh water, but they also had a large box to hide in if the weather was too hot or wet, and long drainage tubes to run through or use as cover if a bird appeared overhead. This more natural environment meant that they had a much better quality of life, which is, after all what every animal wants. So I urge you, either make or buy a run for your rabbit or guinea gigs, they will be much happier and believe me you will be able to tell by the squeaks of delight they make when they see you.

For those who fancy having a go, here is an easy and inexpensive YouTube cage


Susan Keefe

Award Winning Author



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