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All businesses & their blogs here

Recent Articles on The English Informer it is Friday 19th April 2019
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Must Visit UK Photography Hotspots This Spring
  8 Must-Visit UK Photography Hotspots This Spring  Whether it’s the first burst of colour in a new garden of springtime flowers... more
We can do better than...
We can do better than this
Home to a sunny England after observing America at first hand. How does it differ from Britain? Don’t be fooled by the apparent same... more
Connecting to the Heart...
Connecting to the Heart
Connecting to the Heart – Connecting to Source Open Your Heart for Greater Love and Compassion All healing traditions recognize the... more
We made it to France...
We made it to France
  For anyone that missed it..... we made it to France! By Sarah and Nigel at Loire Valley Llama Farm Stay We finally left the UK... more
Flamenco dancer 3 by...
Flamenco dancer 3 by Grace McKee
    Flamenco dancer 3 by Grace Mckee An oil painting  More details of this and other paintings may be obtained by... more
A Saltwater Foray...
A Saltwater Foray
  A Saltwater Foray Alison Alderton ventures onto tidal waters to cross Dublin Bay. In 1800 there were proposals to link Dublin with the... more
In The Groove...
In The Groove
In The Groove The irritating beep of the alarm clock signalled the end of our winter break. Ready or not, we had to leave. I rolled over and... more
The Pizzas are Amazing...
The Pizzas are Amazing
  The Pizzas are Amazing by Katie. From Barcelona in Spain we took the ferry to go to Italy. The food in Italy (pizza, ice cream,... more
Making the Cut...
Making the Cut
  Making the Cut Winter has finally relaxed its grip. In the space of seven days we’ve gone from daily downpours to cloudless blue... more
You Little Beauty...
You Little Beauty
  You Little Beauty Unseasonably warm weather is an opportunity not to be missed. The grapevines are pruned; ready for the coming season. My... more