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Hungary Budapest Opera House

Hungary: Budapest Opera House

The Budapest Opera House is stunning. The round, ornately-decorated theatre is possibly more beautiful than the Vienna Opera House.

The Royal Box in the centre.

Very ornate.The Royal box is absolutely gorgeous, and take a peep up to the ceiling and you’ll see scenes of the Greek gods on Olympus, illuminated by a chandelier weighing more than 3 tonnes. We were just below it so I was kind of hoping it would stay well secured for the evening.

The Greek gods on Olympus on the ceiling.

Now I’m not sure how often they become available, but we managed – quite late in the day ie the day before – to get first night performance tickets for the equivalent of 4€. To Iphigenia. It was excellent.Iphigenia is a Greek tragedy.

The story is basically this.  To appease the Greek gods (there’s no wind for his warships), Iphigenia’s dad promises to sacrifice his daughter – but pretends to his wife and daughter that the ceremony is her wedding – because he know they’d be none too pleased.

Iphigenia’s mum was so mad when she found out, that she killed her dad, and Iphigenia’s big brother was so mad at his mum for killing their dad the he killed her (the mum).   It’s way more exciting than Coronation Street.  The opera is all about the brother and sister trying to save each other when they realise who each other is (because Iphy was separated from her only remaining relative – big brother – when she was young, just after the failed sacrifice day). All very very sad.

Trying to expel all pre-Greek tragedy happiness

Back to the opera house. The inside foyer and staircase is marble, and, if you know about these things (I don’t) the outside is Neo-Renaissance and Baroque. All very very lovely.

Beautiful marble staircase in the foyer.

Our seats near the front.

The outside of the opera house

All for 4 euros for front seat tickets! It was very hard to be sad at my first Greek tragedy.
By Jen
Prices were correct at the time of writing

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