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All businesses & their blogs here

Recent Articles on The English Informer it is Monday 18th March 2019
Never they shouted...
Never they shouted
I’d wanted to watch top-rated film Darkest Hour for a long time as Churchill features strongly in both Lamplight and Vichyssoise. The film... more
Mrs Beetons Veal and Ham...
Mrs Beetons Veal and Ham Pie
Miss Windsor presents - Mrs Beeton's Veal and Ham Pie "Bringing food history alive and theatre to your... more
Mrs Beetons Hasty...
Mrs Beetons Hasty Pudding
  Mrs Beeton's Hasty Pudding (Nutmeg & Vanilla Tapioca Pudding) Mrs Beeton's Hasty Pudding (Nutmeg & Vanilla Tapioca... more
Answers to the quiz for...
Answers to the quiz for the 11th March
Answers to the quiz for the 11th March   1 - Of the 7 colours in the rainbow, which one is in the middle? A - Green 2 - In a game... more
Flamenco dancer by Grace...
Flamenco dancer by Grace McKee
  Flamenco dancer by Grace Mckee An oil painting.  More details of this and other paintings may be obtained by contacting... more
Cambodia by Heather...
Cambodia by Heather Helliwell
  Cambodia  by Heather Helliwell "My husband and I love the Far East and have been visiting for over 20 years now, but one... more
In The Groove...
In The Groove
In The Groove The irritating beep of the alarm clock signalled the end of our winter break. Ready or not, we had to leave. I rolled over and... more
Winter Reflection...
Winter Reflection
Winter Reflection   If I had to describe this remote region, in the northwest corner of Spain, in just three words it would... more
A Saltwater Foray...
A Saltwater Foray
  A Saltwater Foray Alison Alderton ventures onto tidal waters to cross Dublin Bay. In 1800 there were proposals to link Dublin with the... more
A couple of hours in...
A couple of hours in Tavira Algarve
  A couple of hours in Tavira, Algarve Tavira is yet another amazing fishing town on the Algarve that has not succumbed to mass... more