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A tale of two tiny countries

A tale of two tiny countries...
All hell was let loose inside the Commons over a sexist comment instead of concentrating on the Brexit chaos and the Irish backstop. And yet, if they had studied tiny Switzerland, they might have wondered how it is that an independent country, surrounded by 5 EU countries, does not have any hard borders. It’s because Switzerland is part of the Schengen agreement. But here’s the interesting bit. Switzerland has had a referendum about staying in the Schengen agreement and the Swiss overwhelmingly voted Leave. So why haven’t we heard about it? Because the Swiss government, in its wisdom, overruled the poll results on the basis that leaving would be too dangerous! And clearly the Swiss did not riot in the streets, going back to polishing clocks or whatever it is the Swiss do. And then came the drones, paralysing a major London airport. In came another tiny country, Israel which, despite its long, continued fight against illogical hatred, still found time to send London its supreme ‘iron dome’ expertise.
‘...It’s a far far better thing that I have done...’

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