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Answers to Multiple Quiz for 8th May
Answers to Multiple Quiz for 8th May
Answers to Multiple Quiz for 8th May

60s Albums Quiz

Who released the following albums? 

1. Green Onions  

A. Booker T. and the M.G.'s  

2. Aftermath

A. The Rolling Stones  

3. Surrealistic Pillow

A. Jefferson Airplane  

4. Ogden's Nut Gone Flake

A. The Small Faces  

5. Everybody knows this is nowhere

A. Neil Young  

6. Highway 61 Revisited 

A. Bob Dylan   

7. Disraeli Gears

A. Cream  

8. Groovin

A. The Young Rascals  

9. Bookends

A. Simon and Garfunkel  

10. Kick out the jams

A. MC5

11. Olympia 64 

A. Jacques Brel   

12. Headquarters

A. The Monkees  

13. Don't come home a drinkin (with lovin on your mind)

A. Loretta Lynn    

14. Sweetheart of the rodeo

A. The Byrds    

15. Bayou Country

A. Creedence Clearwater Revival  

16. Freak out

A. The Mothers of Invention  

17. Axis:Bold as love

A. Jimi Hendrix Experience    

18. Music from the Big Pink

A. The Band 

19. Happy Trails

A. Quicksilver Messenger Service 

20. Chelsea Girl 

A. Nico

21. I had too much to dream (last night)

A. The Electric Prunes 

22. S.F. Sorrow

A. The Pretty Things  

23. Stand

A. Sly and the family Stone   

24. Pet Sounds

A. Beach Boys

25. I never loved a man the way I loved you

A. Aretha Franklin

26. Astral Weeks

A. Van Morrison

27. Songs from a room

A. Leonard Cohen    

28. The piper at the gates of dawn

A. Pink Floyd  

29. Face to Face

A. Kinks  

30. Between the buttons

A. The Rolling Stones  

Nose Quiz

1. What is the name of the system in a human nose that detects odors?

A. Olfactory

2. What is an Elephant Nose?

A. A fish.  It is a type of mormyrid, a fish that can produce a mild electric field around itself.

3. Thomas Wedder was an English circus freak in the 1700's. It was claimed he had the longest nose in history !!   + or - one inch, how long was it?

A. Seven and one half inches!!!

4. What has one or two 'fingers' at the end of its nose?

A. An elephant. An Asian elephant has one finger, the African two fingers.

5. What does an organoleptic analyst do?

A. Food sniffer. Usually works for a gov. agency.

6. "Iron Duke" excluded, what was the Duke of Wellington's nickname?

A. Nosey

7. Who won the 1989 Tour de France by a nose, namely 8 sec. in front of 2nd place Laurent Fignon, the closest finish in tour history?

A. Greg Lemond

8. What are natives of Halifax Nova Scotia called?

A. Blue Nosers

9. What is the medical name for a nose job?

A. Rhinoplasty

10. Which pine nut had a famous nose?

A. Pinocchio.  Pinocchio means 'pine nut'.

Police Quiz

1. What was the name of the secret police in 
    a. East Germany and 
    b. The fictional Oceania

A. Two Answers:
    a. STASI 
    b. Thought Police (or thinkpol in Newspeak)   In Orwell's 1984.

2. What is the name of the barefoot, one man army cop in Die Hard?

A. John McClane

3. What kind of cop is a provost?

A. MP , Military Policeman

4. In which US tv series would you find the following cops? 
    a. Vic Mackey 
    b. Olivia Benson 
    c. Andy Sipowicz 
    d. Rico Tubbs 
    e. Mike Belker 
    f. Clancy Wiggum 
    g. Brenda Leigh Johnson 
    h. Tom Hanson Jr. 
    i. Leanne Pepper Anderson 
    j. Steve McGarrett 
    k. Lennie Briscoe

A. Eleven Answers:
    a. The Shield 
    b. Law and Order 
    c. NYPD Blue 
    d. Miami Vice 
    e. Hill Street Blues 
    f. The Simpsons 
    g. The Closer 
    h. 21 Jump Street 
    i. Police Woman 
    j. Hawaii Five-O 
    k. Law and Order

5. What is the title given to a 'police chief' like officer on board a Royal Navy or US navy ship?

A. Master at Arms

6. What was officer Mad Max's last name?

A. Rockatansky

7. In which songs would you find the following lines about policemen? 
    a. Bobbies on bicycles two by two 
    b. a cop knelt and kissed the feet of a priest 
    c. Mr. City Policemen sitting pretty little policemen in a row 
    d. take a look at the lawman beating up the wrong guy

A. Four Answers
    a. England Swings (Roger Miller) 
    b. Five Years (Bowie) 
    c. I am the Walrus (Beatles) 
    d. Life on Mars (Bowie)

8. In which city is the INTERPOL headquarters?

A. Lyon

9. Which real life inspector has been played in film by both Michael Caine and Johnny Depp?

A. Insp. Aberline

10. Which actor won an Oscar for playing the role of an Irish American beat cop named Jim Malone?

 A. Sean Connery in The Untouchables  (best supporting actor)

Sea Quiz

1. Once upon a time majestic tea clippers brought tea 'all the way from China'. The first to arrive at the London docks commanded the best prices. One such race in 1866 between clippers with memorable names like Taeping, Ariel, Fiery Cross, Thermopylae, Sir Lancelot and Cutty Sark attracted considerable public attention. All these ships left Foochow on the 30th or 31st of May for the 16,000 mile journey to London. The Taeping was the first to arrive. How many days did it take?  
    a. 39  
    b. 99  
    c. 199  
    d. 299

A. b. 99 days. The record was 97 days set by the yankee clipper 'Oriental'.

2. In 1576, what was Martin Frobisher in search of?

A. Northwest Passage

3. A naughty sail found on the mizzen mast. Seven letters, second letter is a "P"

A. Spanker

4. Complete the following with the song title.  
    "Fare ye well and adieu to you, fair...."

A.  Spanish ladies

5. What was the name given to corsairs and pirates operating from out of the north African coast?

A. Barbary

6. What are nereids and naiads?

A. Mermaid-like creatures

7. What was the name of Captain Cook's barque?

A. H.M.S. Endeavour

8. What does the aphorism 'dead marine' mean?  
    a. flotsam  
    b. absent without leave  
    c. empty wine bottle

A. c. empty wine bottle

9. Where were the first five Royal Navy dockyards?

A. Deptford, Woolwich, Chatham, Portsmouth and Plymouth.

10. What is the force, named after a 19th century French mathematician, which affects the prevailing winds and the rotation of storms and whirlpools?

A. Coriolis

Shoe Quiz

1. In the film The Wizard Of Oz, what exactly did Dorothy have to do in order to get back to Kansas?

A. Click the heels of her red shoes three times and repeat "There's no place like home".

2. The word for wooden clog shoes in Holland is also the sound they often make, hence, an onomatopoeia. What are these shoes called in Holland?

A. Klompen 

3. How many pairs of shoes did Imelda Marcos possess in her Philippine palace?  
   a. 560
   b. 1060
   c. 10,060

A. b. 1060

4. Although 'Blue Suede Shoes' helped Elvis along the road to further fame, which man was responsible for writing the hit song?

A. Carl Perkins

5. Which character in the film 'From Russia with Love' wore the shoes with the poison tipped dart, and,   from which creature did the poison come from?

A. Rosa Klebb. Fugu fish.

6. What are Eskimo boots called?

A. Mukluks

7. Complete the following with the songs title. "Before you abuse, criticize and accuse, then.........."

A. "Walk a mile in my shoes"

8.Which 'pearl' was the first man to win the European Golden Boot in 1967, an award given to the goal getter with the most goals in top flight European football?

A. Eusebio  (The Black Pearl or The Black Panther)

9. Who might be given the nickname Shughie (like Shoey) in Scotland? 

A. Anyone named Hugh

10. Who first released the following 'shoe' songs?  (One point for each correct answer)
    a. Diamonds on the soles of her shoes
    b. Old Brown Shoe
    c. Goody Two Shoes
    d. These boots are made for walkin
    e. Red shoes by the drugstore
    f. Angels wanna wear my red shoes
    g. Eleanor put your boots on
    h. Little red shoes
    i. Sand in my shoes
    j. Betty Lou got a new pair of shoes
    k. Tango shoes
    l. Walking in my shoes
    m. Boogie shoes
    n. Boots of Spanish leather
    o. Who's gonna shoe your pretty little feet

A. Fifteen Answers:
    a. Paul Simon 
    b. Beatles
    c. Adam Ant
    d. Nancy Sinatra
    e. Tom Waits
    f. Elvis Costello
    g. Franz Ferdinand
    h. Loretta Lynn
    i. Dido
    j. Bobby Freeman
    k. Bif Naked
    l. Depeche Mode
    m. KC and the Sunshine Band
    n. Bob Dylan
    o. Woody Guthrie

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