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Answers to the Trivia Quiz 17th December
Answers to the Trivia Quiz 17th December
Answers to the Trivia Quiz 17th December

1 - Who was Shelley's second mother-in-law?
A - Mary Wollstonecraft, writer of the early feminist tract Vindication of the Rights of Women

2 - Who played Jane to Johnny Weissmuller's Tarzan in the 1930s and early 1940s?
A - Maureen O'Sullivan

3 - By what name are courgettes known in the United States?
A - Zucchini

4 - From which quarry did Michelangelo take his marble?
A - The quarry at Carrara, Italy

5 - In which animals is altruistic, or epimeletic, behaviour best developed?
A - In dolphins. If one is injured or unconscious its companions will raise it to the surface so it can breathe

6 - Who would sigh nostalgically about the Mallard and the Evening Star?
A - A steam-train enthusiast. (The Mallard holds the world speed record for a steam locomotive (126 mph), and the Evening Star was the last steam locomotive built for British service)

7 - Who was Fanny's be monocled helper?
A - Johnnie Cradock

8 - What were the stiff, bouffant 1950s petticoats made from?
A - 'Paper nylon - heavily starched, often stiffened at home with sugar and water

9 - Who would eat witchetty grubs?
A - Aborigines in the Australian bush - the grubs are a good source of protein

10 - Which planet was discovered in 1930?
A - Pluto

11 - What is the name for the scents that animals secrete and that act like hormones?
A - Pheromones

12 - What would your hobby be if you used slip, a wheel and grog?
A - Pottery. (Slip is liquid clay and grog is fired ground clay)

13 - Who thinks better lying down than on his feet?
A - Edward de Bono, the inventor of lateral thinking

14 - Where would you expect to see a 'CC41' symbol in the 1940s?
A - Sewn into clothing - it indicated that a 'Utility' garment conformed to government regulations

15 - Which legume helped to elect a US President?
A - The peanut. It provided the wealth that allowed Jimmy Carter to run for President

16 - Which newspaper of international repute prints no photographs?
A - Le Monde

17 - Queen Isabella of Spain was the first European to wear a coat, made of the fur of which Andean rodent?
A - The chinchilla, named after the Chincha Indians who trapped the animals at high altitudes

18 - Turf, stone and hedge are all types of which puzzle?
A - The maze

19 - Of which colleague did Harold Wilson say, 'He immatures with age'?
A - Tony Benn

20 - Which schoolboy character did Anthony Buckeridge crate in 1948?
A - Jennings - later to become a radio favourite in the 1950s

21 - The death of which character in the first series of Hamish Macbeth left viewers traumatised?
A - Wee Jock

22 - What is the Det Supt Dalziel's first name?
A - Andy

23 - Which actor, renowned for playing a dapper TV detective, once himself worked as a gents outfitter with Moss Bros?
A - David Suchet

24 - What was Fitz's nickname for DS Penhaligon in Cracker?
A - Panhandle

25 - What was the name of Taggart's wife?
A - Jean

26 - Which two Sun Hill officers were love rivals in the fight to win the heart of Jenny the nurse?
A - Garfield and Quinnan

27 - Which police inspector married his daughter's history teacher?
A - Mike Burden in The Ruth Rendell Mysteries

28 - In The Saint, what were Inspector Teal's first names?
A - Claud Eustace

29 - Who was Sergeant Cork's enthusiastic young sidekick?
A - Sgt Marriott

30 - Who played Shaft?
A - Richard Roundtree

31 - Which hard dark wood is used to make black piano keys?
A - Ebony

32 - What name is given to the pupa of a butterfly?
A - Chrysalis

33 - In which U.S. state is the town of Albuquerque?
A - New Mexico

34 - What is the third planet from the sun?
A - Earth

35 - Which imperial unit of weight is equal to 2240 pounds in its long form?
A - Ton 

36 - Of which ocean is the Caribbean Sea a part?
A - The Atlantic

37 - What does p.p.s. stand for at the end of a letter?
A - Post postscriptum

38 - Which Trinidadian-born broadcaster received a knighthood in the 1999 Queen's Birthday Honours List?
A - Trevor McDonald

39 - By what name were members of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei known?
A - Nazis

40 - Which Shakespeare play features the characters Desdemona and Iago?
A - Othello

41 - Which viral infection killed about 20 million people in an epidemic in 1918-19?
A - Influenza

42 - What is the name of the alphabet used for writing modern Slavic languages such as Russian?
A - Cyrillic alphabet

43 - Which Libyan port changed hands several times as it was fiercely contested by the British and Germans in World War II?
A - Tobruk

44 - Who played Tosh Lines in The Bill?
A - Kevin Lloyd

45 - Which Essex resort is the nearest seaside resort to London?
A - Southend-on-Sea

46 - In Greek mythology, who was the Muse of history?
A - Clio

47 - Which 18th-century soldier and administrator established British supremacy in India?
A - Robert Clive

48 - In Greek mythology, who was the wife of Agamemnon who was killed by their son Orests?
A - Clytemnestra

49 - Who authored 1990 novel L. A. Confidential?
A - James Ellroy

50 - Which rare but serious form of food poisoning is associated with improperly canned foods?
A - Botulism

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