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Anyone for coffee

Anyone for coffee?

Less than a week after getting my new teeth, I was back at the dentist to see how it was going.

I explained that eating was still not possible because of a piece of bone still protruding at the, back,  left-hand side of my upper jaw. Even with my tongue I could feel how sharp it was; so the fact that biting down was really painful was no surprise.

The dentist had a quick look and agreed. Before I knew it, she was injecting my gum with anaesthetic and soon using her Dremel to shave away gum and bone.

I could instantly feel, with my tongue, that it was smoother. She said there would be an open wound, so not to wear my teeth for 24 hours and gave me a prescription for some “cream to rub on it” as the anaesthetic wore off – this turned out to be nothing more than the equivalent of Bonjela!

And a week on from that visit, I am still struggling. I still gag if I try to say more than 5 words in a sentence; wearing the teeth is like trying to wear in a really uncomfortable pair of stilettos (bearing in mind I only wear Doc Martins or baseball boots); and eating is still out of the question: I tried to eat a cheddar biscuit the other morning, but had to abandon it.

Fortunately, I have a friend with a teenage girl who has outgrown her aged 14 clothes, so I am now more trendy than I have ever been, as my weight continues to come off.

So my daily food consumption now includes: my usual  three cups of coffee in the morning; a‘build-up’ milkshake mid-morning (coffee, chocolate or vanilla flavoured); ice cream in the afternoon (strangely enough, I bought coffee flavoured); then something mashed or blended in the evening, depending on what I have cooked for the kids.

With all this coffee flavoured intake and temperatures of more than 30 degrees having become the norm over the last week, I have become a one-woman Nespresso!


Last Wednesday we had the most horrific hailstorm I’ve ever experienced: It was Wednesday afternoon, so the kids were home and their dad had just turned up so he could sit with them while I went to the dentist.

With fields all around us, we usually get a good warning when storms are around and we often watch to see whether it comes our way, or scoots past us without us getting more than a cold wind.

As it got darker, we thought we knew what was coming, but we clearly didn’t have a clue.

The thunder and lightning were nothing on the storm of last month, when our electrics blew and we were without a telephone line for a month: but the hailstones … wow!

My photo doesn’t do it justice at all; local media reports (see the pictures) say that they were up to 8cm in diameter and a village fewer than 15 miles away, saw the roofs of all 800 houses completely damaged. A friend lost everything of their home, which they had spent the last six months renovating, as the hail penetrated the roof and drenched everything inside. They had recently got a new car, which is completely written off because of the damage to the bodywork and smashed windows. They had to flee from the house, fearful of being hit by debris.

I got off much more lightly; the metal chimney cover now has some holes in it, but otherwise, nothing. The kids’ dad got off less lightly, as the hailstones ripped through the plastic roof of his garage. But seeing the pictures in the paper and listening to my friends’ story makes me realise just how lucky we were.


Despite the high temperatures, I’ve been trying to crack on in the garden and have noticed more and more of these appearing. Having little or no horticultural knowledge, I asked my Facebook friends what they were…

Very quickly, many came back with the answer; reading up on it, it says it can be difficult to grow, something substantiated by one of my friends… I, however, am over run with it and despite the fact that I hate the smell of it, the bees love it, so it’s here to stay!


A. Mommyness

(Mum's the word cover picture was drawn by one of my children)

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