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Do you want to really want to zigazig ah

Do you want to really want to zigazig ah?

I’ve previously thought that the summer months were less expensive than the winter ones; fewer clothes to wash, not having to buy in wood to heat the house and longer lasting gas bottles due to eating ‘fridge food’ rather than cooking belly-warming meals. The three kids’ birthdays fall between October and February, before I’ve even counted in the cost of Christmas.

However, the last few weeks have seen some expected and not so expected bills come flying through the door, but yesterday’s news beats everything else hands-down.

Firstly, let me give some advice: don’t get your fosse (septic tank) emptied when there is no breeze and it is almost 40 degrees outside… enough said!

Anyway, as lovely as the chap is that comes to do this unenviable task, I was not expecting to learn that my system is done in and I need to have a whole new one installed; average princely sum: 10,000€!

I’ve been saving so hard this year because my car is on its last legs and I wanted to replace it before it got to a point of urgency and therefore risk wasting money. But with all three kids at summer school; a large bill to make me the soul owner of the house; and new tyres and brakes needed on the car, those savings have quickly gone and would not have been a touch on that anyway.

I’ve learned that grants and interest-free loans are available in some areas, which I’ll need if we continue to produce waster water and use the toilet. So, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that I’m eligible – if I’m not, then it’s not only our fingers that me and the kids will have to keep crossed.


As my money woes increase and my mouth gets better after the oral osteoplasty I’ve been trying to motivate myself to do some marketing to make use of the teaching qualification I earned last year.

Many years ago (22 to be precise) I spent six months in Belgian as part of the degree I was doing. The overwhelming questions from students there were about lyrics to some of the chart-topping songs; what they were or meant: More than once I was asked what a “zigazig ah” was, as The Spice Girls’ hit was finally waning in the UK, but just reaching Europe.

So I’ve been wondering if this is a way to get kids and teenagers more enthused about English lessons… I’ve even given it a name and a logo… now I just need to get out there and tell people about it… and hopefully see the pennies come rolling in!



With temperatures consistently hitting 40 degrees this week, I’ve stopped working on the garden and had to come indoors, where it’s a cooler 30 degrees with the fan on. I must admit, I do tend to lose myself when doing the housework, so badly bumped my head when I was underneath the dining room table collecting some wayward toast crusts and this plonked on the floor next to me:


A. Mommyness

(Mum's the word cover picture was drawn by one of my children)

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