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Life in Camembert Street number 121


Life in Camembert Street number one hundred and twenty one.

A little trip away?? Yes please..a little troupe decided to head down to the sunny option of Arcachon, ah bliss, sun,  sand, good company.  Oh, hold on..the only rainy day we've had for months? ?? Oh no..ah well, at least the other promises were fulfilled. We decided to take pooches too so there was the whole 'dogs on beach' scenario, although there was also 'wet dogs in hotel room' that outweighed it! Chief scavenger Rhino snaffled through the bags while we were driving down (we had to stop the car when my sensitive snout detected dog food). But the real drama followed furtive puddle drinking and general great thirst. It transpired he had managed to purloin a tube of effervescent vitamin tablets. I can confirm that the fizzing and bubbling in his tummy made a dramatic exit, and am only grateful I wasn't standing in the way when it happened!! Actually it put me in mind of an old friend of mine,  we were on holiday where there was a Jacuzzi on the hotel roof. She loved it and settled if for session when she suddenly leapt out and dashed to our room. Oh my days, she explained..I've just given myself a colonic irrigation. It's put me off them ever since.

In other news, RFF has lost her best buddy H, blimey, how sad it is? Our 4 legged friends are just the business and losing them unbelievably hard. 
The girls have also had a trip to Malta which seems to have provoked a lot of laughing with the added extra of la Irelandaise moving hotel when she found a mouse jauntily popping out of her suitcase-well, if she will pack cheese....!! Checking it out on TripAdvisor had already filled them with dread, so at least the threatened cockroach army did not appear. They managed just less than a week of sunshine whilst back here we caved in and lit our fires, to say the season has changed is the understatement of the decade!

It's also been a time of much Aldo Porto and his friend El bows, a fellow Portuguese. They have dined chez moi a lot and have been responsible for much laughing. El bows is not entirely the sharpest knife in the drawer so any throwaway jokes are wasted on him, which in itself is pretty funny. .. But when having told me he had been a chef for years in cognac and offered a game special made with partridge and pheasant supplied by Aldos chassing brother, well how could we resist?? He brought it last night, hmm, meat and potato stew, what a challenge! Actually, that never ceases to amaze me, how over excited people get by stew (or au vin,  or chasseur or bourguignon....) but hey ho! He brought in road kill for me to cook on Friday, a hare he claimed, but honestly there was a very suspect skinned  'tail'-what the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve over...

In other news, the Sarfenders have been the first of us to wrestle their paperwork into a manageable situation that will please french bureaucracy - the dreaded move to 'carte de sejour' .. For me, head is still firmly in sand, but for them - 3 weekends worth of filing and sifting have got the requisite dossier completed and their trip to sunny la Rochelle lead to 'what was I worrying about?' and big smiles all round. Swots!!!

JRD has been settling Norfolk boy in, he is now master odd jobber and so getting to know everyone, the Charente still has its charms!
GF and I tackled his kitchen cupboards this week, turning them from cherry Red to subtle grey, I can confirm that as Rhino is currently exhibiting the paint on his left ear and side, I haven't found where he snuggled up to, but no doubt it will be apparent later..actually the boys have somewhat disgraced themselves recently, leaving a special message in a room seldom used, but fortunately checked just prior to the house showing tomorrow. .blimey, that could have been awkward....

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