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Life in Camembert Street number 123

Life in Camembert Street number one hundred and twenty three.

So, there we are, trying to navigate Poole, it's rush hour, there are roadworks, my phone rings, it's Brittany ferries, are you nearby, you have 2 minutes? Oh yes,  very near I say,  but then the road is closed.  I am starting to get that tight feeling at the back of my throat, will there be tears?  When we ask a workman where the blimmin ferry is,  I say 'ask' I should say 'beg' really. It's that way, he says, we swing the car round, oh, it's a one way street. Ahhh..suddenly I can see a way through and go into full rally driver mode instructing GF how to get there. We arrive at the port, devoid of any cars, just a van with flashing lights there, they call us over, grab our passports and I start trying to find the dogs chips... Difficult at the best of times, but with this pressure almost impossible, when suddenly 'ding' oh, it's registered, great. We set off to the boat at 50 miles an hour and landed on board like something from the Dukes of Hazzard. The relief! We didn't know whether to laugh or cry, they had held the ferry for us..what a morning!! The dogs looked at us as we started to laugh. Really? They said, we have to stay in this car for another 6 hours?? We've only had a brief moment tied to a fence on the A35 for the last 12 hours...seriously? ?? 'Fraid so pooches, cross those paws, we have no option! 

When we arrived in Cherbourg we thought it a good idea to head into another tyre place to see about the opposite number. Don't let me be talked into buying two I instructed GF.. Needless to say, 15 minutes later I had no option it HAD to be 2 tyres grrr especially as the flat one was perfectly okay, just deflated (I know the feeling ). But when Mr. Slowfit said it would take 2 hours to fit them I sulked like a 3 year old and stomped round Cherbourg so hard I gave myself a blister!  At least the woofers were happy at the result! I won't repeat my mantra, but suffice to say I am glad I have dogs and not parrots....

We got back to Base and started putting up Decs pretty early, but the Chrimbo buffet was going to be in a few days, oh we love a bit of pressure!! As it happens the call to arms worked, Turkey and hams cooked, and contributions from various wonderful folk meant the spread was gigantic. This was also helped by the fact of a few last minute cancellations - what a wonderful season it is for coughs and colds!! But no one left hungry, no one quibbled about the vast quantity of wine that lubricated the afternoon. GF did taxi duty and then helped with the dishes, blimey, he's racking up the brownie points...

A posse headed down to Bordeaux for some essential pre christmas shopping and lubrication, they managed to avoid traffic delays caused by the yellow jackets by heading down on Friday, but their consumerist hit was interrupted by tear gas and general rioting. They announced with a wry wit that they were avoiding the conflict with champagne in their hotel...probably not the solidarity the protesters were hoping for but hey ho!  Other friends were stuck in their car for 14 hours less than half an hour from home. Apparently there was a camping car nearby that opened its doors and shared coffee and toilets with the that's what it's all about. Mind you, had it been the UK , someone would have set up a stall selling burgers and beers and making a small fortune...

So now,  it's all systems go planning the NEXT trip back to blighty for Noel, I never miss it as it was Popsy's birthday so a very precious time, but who knows what will happen on this has the added extra of GF, trips to Glasgow by train and pootling back through Brittany,  so anything could happen. .wish me luck! !!


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Val xx - 18/12/2018

Young age an eventful life huny XX have a good time with everyone, you deserve it!!😘😘

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