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Mrs Beetons seriously scrumptious lemon and coconut cake

Mrs Beeton's seriously scrumptious lemon and coconut cake.

Ready to serve Miss Windsor's Seriously Scrumptious Lemon & Coconut Cake!

"Bringing food history alive and theatre to your table."

 Hello, darlings!
I hereby present my delightful sweet offering to Mrs Simkins and Miss Windsor’s summer garden party – my Seriously Scrumptious Lemon & Coconut Cake. I say what an adorable addition to your very own garden party, or afternoon tea pageantry of exquisite cakes and bakes. Oh, yes, and please do enjoy a slice or two with a cup of your favourite brew!
Darlings, just as it says ‘on the tin’ – it’s seriously scrumptious, very lemony, with a saucy taste of paradise. Oh, dearie me! I fear I’m sounding off like an advert for a Bounty chocolate bar! But nevertheless, I’m certain my glorious cake will send you into a hedonistic state of ‘coconutty’ heaven – How spiffing!

Miss Windsor: re-creates Mrs Beeton's recipe for Cocoanut Cake!

Now, moving on swiftly to my ever so intriguing theme of ‘food history’! You see, my darling mentor from yesteryear – Mrs Beeton – kindly offered me her rousing recipe for Cocoanut Cake from my 1906 edition of Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management. Therefore, with her blessing, I opted to recreate such recipe - with a bit of a Miss Windsor twist, of course! 

Perfectly baked - Miss Windsor's Seriously Scrumptious Lemon & Coconut Cake!

Darlings, now I must confess, whilst the cake was in the oven I did call upon my mother’s culinary expertise – no offence Mrs Beeton! You see, I was in need of a ‘tit-bit’ or two, and my mother just so happens to possess considerable knowledge in the realm of baking – Oh, lucky me! 

I say, Mother suggested, “As an alternative to bringing the cake mixture to a batter with milk, one could do so with coconut milk instead!” Thank you, Mother, one shall try that next time. 

Miss Windsor's Seriously Scrumptious Lemon & Coconut Cake - slathered with Lemon Cream Filling!

Darlings, Miss Windsor must express that she is wholly enamoured with her creative ‘spin’ on Mrs Beeton’s recipe. I say, how baffling it would be if one denied their fondness for such an invitingly fresh, extremely moist, coconutty, scrumptiously summery, piquant, yet pleasantly sweet creation! 

Fancy a slice of Miss Windsor's Seriously Scrumptious Lemon & Coconut Cake?

?Now, before I pop off, may I reiterate that this is an “Exceedingly good cake,” as our British national treasure, male species of the baking world has been known to enthuse about his own baked goodies – the one and only Mr Kipling! 

A tantalising slice of Miss Windsor's Seriously Scrumptious Lemon & Coconut Cake!

Miss Windsor’s Seriously Scrumptious Lemon & Coconut Cake!

Preparation time: 40 mins 

Cooking time: 40 mins

Serves: 10-12 delightful guests! 


170g (just under 1 cup) unsalted butter – room temperature

225g (1 & 1/4 cups) caster sugar

450g (3 & 3/4 cups) plain flour / all-purpose flour

100g (1 & 1/2 cups) desiccated coconut

6 heaped teaspoons of baking powder

3 x eggs

500ml (2 & 1/2 cups) whole milk or coconut milk

3 teaspoons of lemon essence

 zest of 1 lemon

a sprinkling of desiccated coconut – to add before baking?


juice of one lemon -  for extra zing and moisture!

a handful of desiccated coconut – for decoration

slices of lemon – for decoration

Ingredients for Lemon Cream Filling

24og (1 cup) unsalted butter - room temperature

24og (2 cups) icing sugar

zest – 2 lemons

6 teaspoons – fresh lemon juice

a generous handful of desiccated coconut


2 x sandwich tins (21.5 cm / 8 1/2 inches)


Wash those little ‘mitts’ of yours – Ta very muchly!

Preheat your oven to a moderately warm temperature of 180 *C / 160*C Fan / 350*F / gas mark 4. If you have a rather quick oven, then please turn the temperature down a tad – much obliged!

First off, grease sandwich tins with butter, and line the bottom with greaseproof paper - be careful not to over grease, as one must avoid frying the sides of this divine creation! Then dust the sides with flour.

Using one of your mixing bowls sieve together the baking powder and flour – do so four times to make the flour as light as possible. Then add the desiccated coconut and mix well.

In a separate mixing bowl cream together with a wooden spoon: the butter (room temperature) and sugar. Then as per Mrs Beeton’s instruction, “Beat up well with a large wooden spoon”.

Merrily beat in the eggs one at a time, followed by 3 teaspoons of lemon essence and lemon zest.

Add creamed mixture to the flour, and as Mrs Beeton suggests, “Bring to cake batter consistency with milk”. Miss Windsor achieved this by using a vintage ‘batter whip’, but feel free to use a wire whisk!

Divide carefully into your prepared baking tins, and smooth over with a palette knife.

Sprinkle some desiccated coconut over the top, then place both tins on the middle shelf and bake for approximately 40 minutes – start checking at 35 minutes.

Cover both cakes with foil half-way through, as this will help to prevent them from browning too quickly.

Your cakes are ready when they have shrunk from the sides a little, nicely browned, and a skewer comes out clean.

Once perfectly baked, allow to cool on a wire rack.

Whilst cooling, it’s time to crack on with the Lemon Cream Filling!

Cream together the butter and icing sugar - then add lemon juice, zest, and a generous handful of desiccated coconut. Mix well.

Once your cakes have completely cooled, carefully spread the filling over one cake then ‘sandwich’ together.

If you prefer your cake to have a bit more zing, or for the texture to be extremely moist - then prick with a skewer and carefully drizzle over the juice of one lemon.  Darlings, if you choose to do this, then please allow the juice to absorb overnight or for a good few hours before serving.

When ready to serve, place on a pretty plate or exquisite cake stand of your choice.

Sprinkle with more desiccated coconut.

Serve each slice with a slice of lemon!Enjoy with oodles of gusto! 



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