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Our Wild Pets in Winter

Our Wild Pets in Winter

This week, I am talking about providing food and water for the birds and animals who live outside in winter. These creatures may not be house pets, however sometimes, when it is unfair to have a domestic pet because of lack of time, allergies, disability, or if a house lease will not allow domestic pets, the birds and animals outside our windows become very important to people of all ages. Although I had many household pets growing up I still gained great pleasure learning about nature through watching and identifying the wildlife around us. It is amazing the varieties of birds, and sometimes squirrels or pine martins which visit a bird feeder throughout the day, and watching them can be very therapeutic.

Winter can be very hard for our furred and feathered friends. Bird tables and hanging feeders come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Of course, bird fat balls are freely available from supermarkets, garden centres etc. However, with half term coming up in a few weeks why not gather the ingredients needed to make your own and spend some time helping the children to make them? The video below is very child friendly and safe


Another important thing is water. It is something we take for granted as coming out of the tap, however, when it is very cold the water is frozen and the birds and animals desperately need fresh unfrozen water each day. Please check the water bowls regularly, ensure they are clean and that the water is unfrozen.

Of course if you really want to look after your wild friends then it is a good idea to make your garden wildlife friendly by planting flowers and trees which attract wildlife, they will also have the advantage of being scented and possibly provide you with fruit as well.

Another good idea is to leave a space (or more if possible) with logs, twigs etc. in a pile to make a place where insects and hedgehogs can be safe. If you are handy though you might want to build a hedgehog house, you will see an idea for one on this YouTube video.


If you would like a functional yet attractive butterfly houses, wildlife habitats, and feeders you’re your wildlife there are some lovely ones available in shops and on the internet including Le Jardin Perdu

So enjoy helping your furred and feathered friends get through the winter, and hopefully in the spring they will pay you back by bringing their babies to visit.


by Susan Keefe
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