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Our yearly trip to the beach

Our yearly trip to the beach

Hello Everyone
Well we finally made it.... to our yearly day trip to the beach. Which btw was awesome. We were lucky enough to have chosen the 3rd July the day before the big storm and we went overseas. Well..... over-estuary as we took the ferry from Blaye to Lamarque then drove to Hourtin Plage. Actually we didn't even drive as our friend shouldered that burden. Many thanks to her. It was a significant day as it was also our 25th wedding anniversary, something we are famous for forgetting amongst our family. Many thanks to Gavins brother who has spent 25 years reminding us. My lovely sister sent us flowers that were a nod to our bouquet all those years ago when we were young and could to go to pilates out of choice rather than as a body repairs and maintenance session. 


Another eventful moment this week was having a bath installed in the house. "To compliment your already installed shower" I hear you ask. Not exactly, more a medical requirement for Gavin as we approach shearing time so that his muscles will work once again after a hard day shearing. Ah yes the joys of farming wear and tear. I must say though that the bath is amazing one forgets how easy it is to do things like care for your feet when you have a bath. I am very much enjoying it. Luxury, at its simplest. As I am sharing a photo of our bathroom I would like you to appreciate the quality of our décor. I have decided I don't care about matching, anything goes chez nous. I would add that the tiling in the bathroom of the house we bought is top notch, not to mention the superior plumbing work to improve the facility. And would you kindly appreciate the health and safety feature above the bath that our plumbing friend told us to remove or else.

Down the road, very noisy irrigation in the peaceful countryside 

I am currently enjoying a cold glass of rosé and some salted almonds whilst I write, listening to the sound of the evening. Which in theory should be the gentle sound of birdsong. But no, not at Franklin Farm. The lambs are shouting for supplies for their tummies and Nougat the donkey is announcing the arrival of anything that is passing by. The flies are incessantly buzzing around my ankles and the chickens are clucking about the fact that it is time to potter off to bed. There is some birdsong but it is more like magpies in attack formation than "a nightingale sang in Berkeley Square". Whoever said the countryside is peaceful has evidently never lived in the country. 

Planted this lavender last year. It is fabulous. As is our photogenic feline.

Gavin has been out and about delivering this week as well as me. He went to Villeréal to see some Zimbo clients of ours who funnily enough ordered rather a large quantity of Boerewors. Interestingly there seems to be a French contigent who are rather keen on the Boerewors so I must be doing something right.

I am looking forward to an equally busy week next week. With not only a pile of orders coming in but also the arrival of our big children who on pain of bacon withholding, had better not forget the stroopwaffles. It is an easy task to keep Mum happy. :)
See you all very soon, I will leave you with some pictures of piggies doing what piggies do best in the heat when your husband forgot to turn the tap off but swears it was the goats. I think I should let him out more.
Helen xx

Franklin Farm -


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