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Quiz for 8th November
Quiz for 8th November
Quiz for 8th November

1 - During which month does the Notting Hill Carnival take place?

2 - The London Promenade Concerts start in which month?

3 - In which month is the Edinburgh Military Tattoo held?

4 - In which month does the London to Brighton bicycle race take place?

5 - Which annual event, held in June at Earl's Court, come to an end after 120 years?

6 - In which month is the FA Cup Final normally held?

7 - In which month is the Earth closest to the Sun?

8 - The State Opening of Parliament usually takes place in which month?

9 - During which months do mayflies appear?

10 - During which month is St Swithin's Day?

11 - The Prince of Wales's motto 'Ich Dien' comes from which language?

12 - What is the literal translation of 'sieg heil'?

13 - What is the literal translation of 'deja-vu'?

14 - What is the literal meaning of the Latin phrase 'ad-hoc'?

15 - Meaning a pill or medicine that has no effect other than a psychological one, 'placebo' comes from which language?

16 - The word 'kudos' comes from which language?

17 - 'Berserk' comes from which old European language?

18 - What is the literal meaning of the Italian phrase 'la dolce vita'?

19 - From which language does the word 'trek' come?

20 - From which ancient language of India do the words 'karma' and 'swastika' come?

21 - Who played Mike Barratt in Casualty?

22 - Who did David Caruso play in NYPD Blue?

23 - How many children were there in The Waltons?

24 - Who starred in The Little House on the Prairie?

25 - What was the name of Henry Crabbe's wife in Pie in the Sky?

26 - Who starred as Rhodes?

27 - What is the name of the District Nurse in Heartbeat?

28 - 'Allo'Allo was a spoof of which BBC Second World War drama?

29 - Who is said to have pinned his pants to the sheets while filming love scenes in Brideshead Revisited?

30 - Who played Hari Kumar in The Jewel in the Crown?

31 - Which hospital was also known as St Elsewhere?

32 -In which era was Bramwell set?

33 - Who did Letitia Dean play in The Hello Girls?

34 - What was the name of Paddy Garvey's wife in Soldier, Soldier?

35 - What was the newspaper in Evelyn Waugh's Scoop?

36 - Who played The Singing Detective?

37 - What is the name for the players in rugby whose job is to win possession for the backs?

38 - Who scored a hundred in each of his first three tests in 1984-85?

39 - Who is the only athlete in modern times to win gold medals in four successive Olympics?

40 - Who once made a 100 break at billiards in 27.5 seconds?

41 - Who said on retirement: 'I don't want to just be the name above three greengrocer's shops'?

42 - Who hosted Double Your Money?

43 - With which club was Santiago Bernabeu player, director and eventually president?

44 - Who was known as 'Plum'?

45 - Where were the 1984 Olympics held?

46 - In tennis, what is the name for a full-blooded shot played above shoulder height?

47 - With what sport is Max Boyce associated?

48 - In what sport is Sylvester Stallone involved in Paradise Alley?

49 - How many test hundreds did Jim Parks score?

50 - Who rode 149 National Hunt winners in his first championship season?

Answers will be posted here on 15th November

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