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So much is a compromise

Nothing’s perfect in life. So much is a compromise. Britain’s in a state of flux at present  but is a breakthrough on the horizon? A promising end to the Brexit stalemate has been proposed whereby the PM’s withdrawal deal with a guaranteed second referendum for the public could well be approved by parliament. Anything to dig us out of the current impasse would be welcome.

Increasingly, also, I turn my steely eye westwards and wonder why the current President hasn’t suffered the same fate as some of his predecessors like Nixon or even Clinton. But I don’t understand America. Don’t be fooled by the fact they speak English; the US is a foreign country.  However, what I do understand, after 12 years away, is I need to live in a country where I fully understand what’s going on - however mired in political shenanigans it may be. Choosing to live away from home, when you don’t have to, is simply a fool’s paradise.
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