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The Mixed Quiz 29th November
The Mixed Quiz 29th November

The Mixed Quiz 29th November

1 - How many bits make a byte?

2 - What do the letters RAM stand for?

3 - In which decade did pocket calculators first make their appearance?

4 - In the computer world, what is the nicknamed Big Blue?

5 - What name is given to the type of printer which makes up each character from a pattern of dots?

6 - Goods in shops are often marked with a pattern of black and white stripes. What is this called?

7 - The earliest type of robot was a water-clock invented in 250BC. In which country?

8 - Name the satellite launched into space in July 1962 and used to send live TV programmes across the Atlantic.

9 - What are FORTRAN, PASCAL and COBOL?

10 - In which decade was the compact disc developed?

11 - At the moment, phone calls travel as electricity along copper cables but they can be sent as light along thin strands of glass. What are these called?

12 - Modern computers operate at a speed of up to 400 megaflops. What is a megaflop?

13 - The film Star Wars featured two lovable robots. What were their names?

14 - When using a bank card in a cash dispenser, customers use a PIN. What do the initials stand for?

15 - What is the usual term for an input device used to move an on-screen pointer or cursor to select commands?

16 - Name the device that takes information from the computer and modifies is so that it can be transmitted along ordinary phone lines?

17 - What do the initials ROM stand for?

18 - In which decade did the first miniature TV sets appear?

19 - A fax machine is used to send or receive documents. What is fax short for?

20 - Synthesizers are complex pieces of electronic equipment. What do they combine with a computer?

21 - As part of a computer, what does a clock chip do?

22 - Robot is a word coined by Czech playwright Karel Capek from the word 'robota'. What does it mean?

23 - What does interactive cable TV enable viewers to do?

24 - What is CAD?

25 - A microwriter is an electronic word processor but it lacks one major feature of a standard word processor. What is it?

26 - What have Shane Fenton, Bernard Jewry and Alvin Stardust in common?

27 - Whose original recording of 'Drum Boogie' is heard on the soundtrack of Raging Bull?

28 - Which battle did Haydn's Nelson Mass celebrate?

29 - In which opera is the heroine shot by a gamekeeper?

30 - Who had a 1948 hit with 'Red Roses for a Blue Lady'?

31 - Which British comedian arranged to have 'In the Mood' played to mourners at his funeral in 1980?

32 - Q. Are We Not Men?

33 - Which musical starred the Red Shadow?

34 - Which composer's music did Debussy say was 'like a pink bon-bon filled with snow'?

35 - Which operatic heroine worked in a cigar factory?

36 - Which American aviator, film producer and entrepreneur became a recluse from 1950 until his death in 1976?

37 - What is the second highest mountain in the world?

38 - Who played Ron Glum in the 1978 sitcom The Glums?

39 - Of which country was Archbishop Makarios president?

40 - Which deep Scottish loch is associated with sightings of a monster?

41 - What is the capital of Norway?

42 - Gimme Shelter is a 1970 documentary film about which pop group?

43 - In what part of the body are the humerus radius and ulna found?

44 - What name for a traitor is derived from a Norwegian army officer who collaborated with the Nazis?

45 - Which widely cultivated cereal grass is also called Indian corn?

46 - Which hard reddish wood comes from tropical trees of the genus Swietenia?

47 - The Nore is a sandbank at the mouth of which British river?

48 - Which French painter worked with the Paris Customs Office from 1871 - 93?

49 - What name was given to the members of the French Protestant Church who faced persecution in the 16th and 17th centuries?

50 - Which Byzantine emperor ordered the codification of Roman law in the Corpus Juris Civilis?

Answers will be posted here on 6th December

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