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The people may no longer be sans culottes

200 years ago a little Frenchman with a beaky nose rose to fame but then tried to quell the flames of a French revolution....

Today a similarly-short, sharp-nosed, Frenchman has the same problem.  The people may no longer be sans-culottes (trouser-less) but the whole world now know what gilets jaunes (yellow vests) mean.  What on earth is happening in Paris, a city of culture, high ideals and philosophy?  As with many ‘peaceful’  protest marches, it’s been infiltrated by the extremist hard-left, always trying to smash capitalism. And yet the original rationale for the march was understandable:  workers earning the French average pay of c.€24k p.a. finding it impossible to live in one of the world’s most expensive cities.  Properties there are totally unaffordable, even the appartements costing millions. And yet, the irony is that Macron’s party is neither right-wing nor left-wing, so which bit is it that the French are protesting about?

.....such irony that the present day revolution is fuelled by a party called En Marche!  Don’t think somehow that was meant to be an instruction to the people!

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