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Trapped by J A Konrath and Jack Kilborn

Audiobook Review

Trapped by J. A. Konrath and Jack Kilborn

An amazing horror story filled with terror and suspense, definitely not for the faint hearted or squeamish!

The beginning of this audiobook which is brilliantly narrated by Phil Gigante (my favourite narrator) gives a true flavour of the depth and excitement which awaits you in this excellent story.

A deserted island off Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is the setting. The place where the court-appointed guardians (Sara and Martin Randhurst) of six wayward teenagers are taking their charges on a camping trip. All the children have their own problems and it is hoped that the trip will be a chance for them to bond and have new experiences.

Settled at their camp, fire lit, marshmallows toasting, Martin sets the scene by telling a creepy campfire story, an urban myth about an island with a hidden prison where the starving confederate soldiers resorted to whatever was necessary to survive…

Used to Martin’s theatrics everyone laughs when, whilst telling the story he falls off his log, however, when he fails to reappear the rest of the group begin to worry.

Then the worry turns to fear as members of the group disappear, there are strange noises and shapes in the shadows. Suddenly they begin to wonder if Martin’s story really was an urban myth…

As the tension mounts, horrific events take place, and the screaming really starts. Then the group discover that the island holds its own secrets. Unspeakable things are happening there, but who is responsible, and who are the strange inhabitants? Unfortunately the truth is more terrifying that their worst dreams…

This is a really good, exceptionally scary story, cleverly written and brilliantly narrated by Phil Gigante whose incredible range of voices adds immeasurably to the enjoyment of listening to it.

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This book was reviewed by Susan Keefe

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