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We can do better than this

Home to a sunny England after observing America at first hand. How does it differ from Britain? Don’t be fooled by the apparent same language. US culture is foreign. Attempted discussions about Brexit fell at the first hurdle. Whilst the average Englishman is quite happy to rubbish his own government, this runs entirely contrary to many Americans, who are raised to love and respect their country. If you’re born to swear allegiance to your flag and display it proudly from your own home, you’re never going to run your country down, especially not to foreigners - no matter who’s president. So, although the PM is on the right lines in organising a special Festival of Britain in 2022 - a way at last to foster pride in our country - even that’s gone wrong as it clashes with the centenary of Irish partition. Come on Britain. We can do better than this.

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