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We made it to France

For anyone that missed it..... we made it to France!

By Sarah and Nigel at

Loire Valley Llama Farm Stay

We finally left the UK for our new life in France on June 30th 2018, a decision made so that we didn't have to pay another months tax on the van (to clarify, this was the decision on date, we didn't move to France to avoid road tax). Having agreed with our seller that we could sleep in the Old Barn on our farm until our French purchase completed on 20th July. Off we set, with the van literally bulging with our stuff... most of it junk that we were too unorganised to dump before the move. Off we trundled out of Cuckfield for the last time in the darkness of early morning, heading for the Euro - Tunnel. Waiting for our crossing, the enormity of what we were doing hit...mainly what the hell are we doing, we cant speak French! Donc we got a firm grip in time to emerge into the sunshine and France (see how I slipped a little French word in there...bilingual Rodney)

The journey to Chateau-Du-Loir to collect keys was pretty uneventful. We didn't even stop for a McDonalds at Rouen, that's a first! The temperature was in the high 30's, not the best day for a 7 hour journey with 2 doglets, but they managed fine with the aircon and snoozed for most of the trip.

A quick unpack of essentials for the night, (wine, Guinness and a couple of chairs) and we sat glass in hand, amazed that the Farm was soon to become ours. Anyone that knows the ups and downs of our UK sale will know we had doubts we'd ever get to France.

The following morning, I woke and Nigel was already up and about. On hearing a vehicle, I looked out the window to see Nigel driving our little Kubota tractor, straw hat on head, massive smile on face. The massive task of getting the land ready, fenced and gated, for the arrival of the llamas, and getting the tents and swimming pool erected, ready for guests, had begun.......

We are OPEN ALL YEAR at Loire Valley Llama Farm Stay! You don't have to wait until summer to meet our llamas and enjoy trekking with them in the peace and tranquillity of our 17 acre farm.

Find us and book your stay -

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