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Do you have a property that you want to sell quickly?

Do you have a business that offers a great service or product, but you don't know how to tell people about it in an effective and convincing way?

With over 25 years of experience in creating well-crafted, award-winning videos, VideoProFrance can help you!

Video helps your property, product or service stand out from the crowd.  It encourages buyer confidence by communicating a lot of information within a short space of time.

We have been successfully using video to help people sell their homes in France to buyers around the world.  A video of your property will make your home stand out from the rest, reduces time-wasters and increases the chances of you getting the price you want. It can also be translated into other languages and distributed worldwide. It's the perfect format for really showing a potential buyer what it might be like to live in your home.  Our narrated videos describe not just your property, but its location, amenities - and how to get there - all important aspects to help a buyer make a decision.

IT Director Scott Pearson recently sold a 6-bedroom property in the Dordogne after his video received 1400 views in three months.  When asked about the process of selling their family home he explains  "The cost (of the video) wasn't significant in comparison to other selling costs.  Simply put, I know that without this professional video we wouldn't have sold at the price we did - or as quickly. ".  He adds "And I love the video of the house, it's a great souvenir of our time there".

If you're serious about selling a property in France, want to minimise the timeframe, maximise the sale price and simplify the process then check out our website: and give us a call to see how this could work for you.

VideoProFrance can help you to communicate the benefits of your business to your target audience – and increase sales!

We spend time to understand your objectives and offer the full range of video production services, depending on your requirements and budget, such as:
  • Planning and research
  • Scripting and script approval
  • Filming of your business activities plus interviews and testimonials, where required
  • Selecting and recording a professional voice-over, if required
  • Post-production editing including graphics, logos, and music (search and licence for internet)
  • Translation into any language – using subtitles or native voice-overs
  • Supply of your own Quicktime video file (or other format if required) plus upload to Youtube channel and other video-sharing sites
  • SEO – including closed-captions, transcript, keyword tagging and site-map
  • Embedding of a clickable link to take viewers directly from your video to your website – a very valuable and fairly new feature offered by YouTube!
Contact us today to find out how video can help your business grow.

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We found Joanna to be excellent in all respects. She has a good eye for detail, took time to understand exactly how our business functions, and our plans for the future. 
Then, after reflection & consultation, Joanna proposed a programme for our video, matched with a script to convey our desired message. On the day of the "shoot", everything was well planned and executed, highlighting her professionalism. After filming, we were given access to a "draft" version of the video, before the final version was prepared. We were all impressed by Joanna's manner, skills and communications. We would be very happy to endorse her company for any such work. Peter Elias (Founder Allez-Français).
Monty and Maria Yousaf: "You have produced our video ( to a very high quality and standard. All who we know who have seen the video are very impressed and given it 10/10. We believe that when a buyer is looking to purchase a home they need a brief overview of the area and facilities available, along with showing the quality of the property on offer - and your video did this very well.

When you came to make the video, we made sure our home was set up and ready for you to start. We were very pleased that you then took just a few hours to film it and finally produced a stunning 4 minute video. We are sure the video will help us to sell our home. Thank you."

"Joanna has provided Siemens with some exceptional videos and has shown the highest standards of creativity and professionalism in documenting our microelectronics plant". Ross Forbes,
Head of External Relations, Siemens Microlelectronics Ltd

"A must see as a very professional outfit. Excellent presentation and thought out with care" Paul Muxlow

"First of all, most importantly, can I say a huge thank you to you. It is rare to find somebody so very willing to give their time and remarkable professional talents for a cause like the SPA Refuge. The SPA is short of good opportunities, we have to grab them with both hands - and we are short of such wonderful friends as you - I appreciate your interest and support more than I can ever express and the gift of a professional video you have given to the SPA is extraordinaril...y valuable. Thank you so very much.

The video is terrific, absolutely terrific - professional, neat and concise, the message is clear and visuals are uplifting as well as showing the less attractive reality of the situation without becoming too negative. Thank you for capturing the whole message and picture so wonderfully well - on the hoof at such short notice, with no prior site visit, no plan of action provided by us, no warning of the participants or the format for the day - you are remarkable. You have worked a miracle. Thank you" Sally Dingle

"VidéoProFrance aide maintenant la SPA de Bergerac depuis 3 mois. Le travail réalisé par Joanna qui dirige cette petite société est particulièrement performant. Les vidéos réalisées ont bousté les adoptions et ont nettement contribué à améliorer l’image de l’association. Toute l’équipe du refuge se félicite de cette collaboration qui a permis en peu de temps d’améliorer le quotidien de tous nos pensionnaires." Pascal Rosenplac (SPA)

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