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Bilingual Minds

Bilingual Minds know how important communication is and how complicated situations can become when information fails to circulate properly. We offer reliable linguistic services that can rid you of language related difficulties and leave you free to enjoy your life in France.

Don’t let language barriers block your path. We’re here and we’re ready to help. Think of us as a friend or a family member who won’t complain when asked to translate or make a phone call for you.
Our job is to take some of the hassle out of your day to day life so that you can be your own productive self.

The following is a list of ways in which we can be of assistance.

• We can make phone calls in French on your behalf and then report back to you with a detailed description of what was said. You just have to tell us what you would like us to communicate or what information you would like us to obtain via e-mail or over the phone.

• We can write letters/e-mails for you in French.

• We can  help you to fill out forms.

• We can translate documents for you from French to English and from English to French.

Bilingual Minds now offer two new services:

- We can handle complaints for you. Let us be your French voice!

- We can interpret for you over the phone.

In order to ensure that all of the translations we do meet the expectations of our clients and to prevent sloppy mistakes, every single word handed in by one of our translators is thoroughly proofread by another member of the team.

Our method:
We make sure that the target language is also the chosen translator’s mother tongue and that the proofreader’s mother tongue matches the source language.

This way, both English and French native speakers work on projects together, enabling them to complement each other’s work and pick up on their colleague's mistakes (if there are any).

We believe that an important part of translating is taking into account the customs and cultural differences of the area in which a language is spoken.

Just to prove how serious we are about meeting deadlines, we have a service satisfaction guarantee
If we finish an assignment even a minute late, we will hand over the translation to you free of charge.

Opening hours:

• Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.
• Saturday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm.

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Bilingual Minds

Tel:06 49 45 35 12
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“Have recently required a translator to help me with admin and carry out phone calls on my behalf, I come across who are a very efficient and helpful translating service with great rates. They have taken a lot of the stress away from this and have no hesitation in calling upon bilingualminds again”
Michael Mulvey

“Thank You so much for such an excellent service which has been done amazingly quick.”
Karen Thomas

"A quick answer for a high quality translation at a very fair price. What else!"
Eric Lavost, founding president of Eazylang and NEW PARADIGM

"You deliver SO much more than linguistic services. What you actually do is strip away the anxieties that someone
like me inevitably feels when having to communicate with officialdom in a foreign language. I guess translation is
only a part of communication; without the all important nuances (humour, etiquette etc.) a lot can get lost.
It is rare that someone surpasses my expectations but you have done so, and some! It almost feels like I'm stuck
in the jungle and have bumped into Bear Grylls! Businesslike efficiency combined with a level of involvement you
might see from a friend. What not to like!"
- Paul Barton

"Thank you Bilingual Minds. Fantastic service, so responsive, professional, and very well priced! I look forward to using your services again, and will not hesitate to recommend you in the future. Thanks again!"
Sarah Ferrett

"So impressed with this service! Completely bilingual, very responsive, well-priced and happy to deal with French bureaucracy. I wish I had known about them when I moved here, but I will certainly use from now on."
- Winsome Wild

"A fantastic service that resolved an ongoing issue with my car insurance company. Very responsive, competitively priced and proactive I can thoroughly recommend their services."

- Simon Corry

"First class service, and very competitively priced. Will definitely be using this service again, highly recommended."
-Arthur Smith

"Great service! Tamed the SFR beast for me. Wish I'd had it in other countries as well. They also helped me solve an issue with the French tax office. Who wouldn't pay 15 euro for that service???"
- Christine Quirk

"Great service, sorted out ongoing insurance/ tax related queries quickly and efficiently, thanks!"
- Helen Mattinson


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