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Blackhen Education

An English Classroom Online.

Increasingly parents are choosing online tuition to develop and maintain their child’s English skills. At Blackhen Education we recognise the busy lives that many families have, from homework to sports clubs, often there just isn’t enough time. This the real advantage of our online English courses. They allow children the flexibility to study in the privacy of their own home, in their own time and at their own pace. Where ever you live , whether it be France or even another country, you can study with Blackhen Education. All you need is an internet connection.

Blackhen Education is a small educational company offering online English courses for English-speaking children living abroad. Our aim is to help your child maintain and develop their English skills Our courses are based on National Curriculum guidelines and all our tutors are British trained teachers.

Who are we? We are a small educational company, founded in 2010, based in the Charente-Maritime, South-west France. Although we cater primarily for English speaking children in France, we do also have students in other countries. All of our staff are fully qualified, experienced British teachers from both the Primary and Secondary sectors.

What do we believe?

Blackhen Education was founded with the desire to bring a fun and inspiring way to allow English speaking children to both maintain and develop their mother tongue. Furthermore, this could be done whilst living in their new ‘home’ country, where their families had chosen to settle.

Our study units, which comprise of 4 lessons, are topic based at KS2 and 3 (Age 7 – 14). They are designed to bring a creative and enjoyable way to learn English, but also about different elements of their native British culture. From learning about the environment to native British customs, to focusing on particular children’s writers, our units above all foster a desire to learn. Key reading and writing skills are taught along with grammar, punctuation and spelling. A range of teaching strategies are used, from videos, music, powerpoints and worksheets, to accommodate a variety of learning styles and provide a fresh approach that can sometimes be lacking in the schools of their new country. Our only requirement is that children can already read and write before joining our courses.

At Key stage 4 (14 years+) students can choose to follow an IGCSE course in either or both English Language and English Literature (EDEXCEL). This universally accepted qualification in UK universities and colleges, gives your child the option to return to the UK for further education at a later stage.

About our team.
Sue Aitken

Sue is the founder of Blackhen Education and has over 20 years experience of teaching in the UK education system. She has been a Head of Department and A-level examiner for Edexcel.
B.Ed(Hons) Cert Ed

Andy Mackay
Andy has taught English and History for over 15 years in secondary schools in the UK and abroad. His main role at Blackhen Education is Key stage 3 & 4 English.
B.A.(Hons), PGCE, TEFL

Kate Clark
Kate is an experienced English and SEN teacher.Her role at Blackhen is to oversee the preparation of materials for our English courses at KS2 and to support our KS2 tutors. B.A.(Hons), PGCE, TEFL

How it works
Each course consists of nine units of work, three for each term. Each unit is topic based and contains a variety of  tasks for developing reading and writing skills. Our lessons follow National Curriculum guidelines & are similar to how your child would be working if they were in the UK. The units are sent to you via email. There are no skype or interactive lessons, allowing the student to work independently or with the help of a parent. Some of our students take the work into school (with the school's permission first).

A student can progress through our courses and have the necessary skills to study IGCSE English Language or English literature with Blackhen Education.

To start with Blackhen Education we ask for two requirements.

Your child can already read and write some English.
You will need internet connection.

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What you say about Blackhen Education:

'Both of my teenagers have worked with Blackhen; studying English language IGCSE. They enjoyed the variety of themes, challenging questions and ease of access via the internet. As a parent I have been extremely satisfied both by the feedback and on going support. The unit evaluations are thorough; giving advice where necessary and praise where deserved. Both always looked forward to reading the feedback and were motivated to achieve. Highly recommended.' - Karen C

'My daughter is working on Key stage 2 with Blackhen. She really enjoys the creative writing aspect and takes great joy in letting her imagination run wild! As a parent, I appreciate the help she is getting to develop not only this aspect of her writing but also the fact that she gets to practise other writing styles (fact files, poster design, recipes, comprehension questions.) It's also important practise for GPS skills (grammar punctuation and spelling). What is fantastic too is that it's also helping her in her work at ther French school. When she was asked in a test to write the end of a story, her initial reaction was panic. But then she remembered that it was something she had already done in Blackhen, which gave her the confidence boost she needed to complete the task. She was so proud when the teacher read hers out. The feedback she receives from Blackhen is always very constructive and motivating. I would definitely recommend.' - Karen H

'Our two boys 11 and 8 have been working with Blackhen for over 5 years. It is so important to us that our boys become truly bilingual and that means being able to write in English as well as read and speak the language correctly. The teaching method is great and very different to the French methods, with lots of creativity and expression, something they do not get to practice at school here in France. They really enjoy their English lessons and do not see it as 'work'. The feedback the boys get from Sue at Blackhen, is always very constructive and encouraging and the themes are of real interest to them (Egyptians, Romans, First world war) Highly recommended.' - Wendy B

'I have been with Blackhen for three, maybe four years now and both of my children are studying Key Stage 2. They are 8 and 10 years old. They have never been educated in England and there is only so much reading and writing that i can do with them before it becomes boring, as i am not a teacher. With Blackhen, they thoroughly enjoy every study pack sent to them as each one is varied, subjects are interesting and they have an excellent general knowledge because with Blackhen they also learn about important people in English history and world related issues. Such as recycling, which is very important. The exercises given to them help to extend their vocabulary which is great because their English is limited to our household. Sue at Blackhen is very helpful, so thankyou Sue.The children are so excited when they receive the feedback and love to read your comments out loud. I am absoutely not allowed to correct their mistakes because they tell me."The teacher will do it." Highly recommended.' - Lana T.

'None of this would have been possible had he not have taken the IGCSE course with you, so many thanks. Even if he doesn't continue formally with the subject he has learnt so much about essay writing.' - ..

'I think your education service is brilliant and we couldn't be happier. I have recommended Blackhen to lots of people now and shall continue to do so. Thank you for setting it up - formidable!' - Nadia D.

'His English writing is improving as a result of your lessons and he is enjoying it a lot. Thank you for your saintly patience.' - A.T.

'He has started the 'Cops and Robbers' unit and he loves it.' - A.T.

'They're really enjoying the lessons. The creative components make a nice change from the rather dry French system....They have also been encouraged to use their picture dictionary. At the weekends, they often read and do the activities again, so I am very pleased.' - A.D.

'Thank goodness for Blackhen' - P.M.

'Thanks for the excellent service …we are very pleased that our son is progressing so well and has a realistic opportunity now of taking IGCSE English.' - P.C.

'He needs to be able to write and spell in English too, not just read. So we now have Blackhen Education to help us …our son loves it.' - W.B.

'I would just like to say thank you to Blackhen Education. My daughter loves your study packs and we think they are great value for money.' - S. T.

'…the packs were really interesting and very motivating. My 3 children are looking forward to receiving their next packs.' - C.H.


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