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Charente Assistance

Who are we?
My family and I arrived in France in 2004 having decided to take a 'year off'. We were still able to run our property development business from here whilst renovating our home, enjoying the children growing up and sampling the wonderful French way of life. 

In 2013 my wife and I started our second renovation project and I soon discovered that it was difficult finding someone to help out for short periods of time.  There were plenty of Builders wanting to take on project work but no-one willing to come for an hour or two to help take plasterboard upstairs or mix some concrete.

So, I thought, if I need someone on these terms, so must other people.  And there lies the idea behind Charente Assistance. 

After a blistering start to 2015 my wife, Nicki, decided to join me at Charente Assistance, on 1st June.  She works both alongside me where needed and independently offering services such as painting, garden services and cleaning. 

Our services include;-
We offer from 1 hour to a whole day (or days) when you need a bit of extra help.
Help with your  renovation
Home Maintenance
Small Building Works
Furniture Assembly
Gîte Changeovers
Holiday Home Checks
Security Visits
Grass Cutting
Hedge Trimming
Jungle Busting
Want to buy something that will not fit in your car?
I can collect your item and deliver it to you. 
Are you a builder in need of a labourer?

If you don't see the service you require on our list - then please just ask, to see if we can help.

Do you own a second home in France?
Buying a holiday home is an important decision.  Once you have made this decision it is equally important that, when you arrive after a long journey, you have time to enjoy it!  I understand that the last thing you want to do is walk in the front door to be greeted with that 'closed in' stale air smell as well as the dust and dead insects.  This is, of course, after you have battled your way through the overgrown jungle that was once a garden.

It does not have to be this way...  

I can ensure that when you arrive, your holiday home has been fully aired and cleaned, beds can be made and some basic rations (such as wine, water etc.) are bought in advance.  The jungle can be tamed so that all you do is turn up and start your holiday.  What could be better than that?
When you are away from your holiday home it is equally important that it does not become an unnecessary worry.  I can carry out regular Security Visits to ensure that all is as it should be: the house and grounds will be checked for forced entry as well as damage caused by adverse weather.  Inside I will check for burst pipes, electrical failure and any unwanted rodent visitors.

Security Visits are normally carried out on a monthly basis as well as additional visits after severe weather conditions: wind, cold or rain etc. My details can also be left with your Mairie as a point of contact should they need to get hold of someone when you are out of the country. Added to this, I can also help should you need any translating until you are confident with your French language.
If your holiday home has a pool then I can cover all the necessary maintenance that is required.

If you need any larger items delivered to your holiday home (incl. furniture and building materials) then I can do this too.

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Tel:05 45 25 05 37/ 06 32 83 24 46
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