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Charlotte Vaughan Design

Charlotte Vaughan Design.


Whether you are trying to sell a property or promote a gite, a detailed plan forms an essential part of your marketing strategy.  A plan draws in the audience and allows them to connect quickly with a property avoiding unread text.

Plans can be tailored to your specific needs in a style that reflects your own branding.  Include dimensions, room names and even photographs to provide a maximum of information to potential clients.

General layout plans provide understanding of the extent of a property while 3D views give instant visual impact.  The fact is, the layout of a house can make or break a deal.  Good marketing saves everyone's time.

I can also rationalise existing architects plans.  Alternatively I could put your own sketches into print.

Web Design

To maximise the information your potential customers receive one of the best solution is a dedicated website.

An internet site of your property will allow you to communicate your message effectively. Whether you are selling a house, advertising a holiday rental or publicising a venue, a web site allows you to showcase your property in the way you want.

Exploit the space to convey a maximum of information.  By using plans and drawings effectively as well as bringing out the details, showing off views and revealing the history, your property will stand out.  

Charlotte Vaughan Design is delighted to work with photographers and other professionals to ensure that your site is as good as it can be.  Communication in French and English allows you to reach a larger audience.  

More Ideas.

If you are looking for something a little bit different, whether to post on a blog, Facebook page or other media, there are various ideas we can use to promote your business or property sale.  

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Charlotte Vaughan Design
La Grange du Moulin
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