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Chez Tante Mabel

Chez Tante Mabel offers a lot more than a tea room and a place to catch up with friends. Both old and new.

There is so much going on here, you will need to allow time to linger.

In addition to its own home products, Chez Tante Mabel is a stockist for several of the area's local businesses.

What has Bev to say about their 'quirky' tea rooms and shop. "At Le cupcake, I create fabulous home baked Celebration Cakes, Cupcakes and biscuits for any occasion. I thoroughly enjoy doing what I do, and am passionate and dedicated to making every cake special. My cakes are decorated with care and attention, from the simplest cookie to the more elegant of wedding cake.

If you have any designs of your own that you would like made up, please let me know.
We also have available for hire a variety of cake tins: square, round, heart, shaped and numbers.

You will find a wide range of doll's house furniture available at Chez Tante Mabel. There is even a link for you to build your own flatpack doll's house.

For many years Paul's Mum has made cards to support several local charities in the UK. We are therefore able to offer a good selection of handmade cards, whilst at the same time, helping Paul's mum to continue to support her local charities.

We are fortunate that Bev's mum, back in the UK, has been a top 50 AVON representative for the past 30 years. We are therefore able to offer an AVON ordering service from UK catalogues, delivery usually takes 7 - 10m days.

We also stock a stunning collection of costume jewellery, bracelets, beads and charms.

At Savon du Fondemoulin,  our main aim is to provide all our customers with a good selection of high quality, hand crafted soaps, bath bombs and bath salts.
Soaps and bath bombs are something that would normally have to handle and smelled, before buying, we therefore encourage you to come and browse through our shelves, smell our products, ask questions, we are only too happy to help.

We also have a selection of cupcake and cake slices of soap. They look good enough to eat, but not edible I'm afraid!

Oh and don't forget our lovely Yankee Candles and Lampe Berger selection."

There is much more to look at on your visit to Chez tante Mabel. Making it the ideal place to find that special or last minute gift for someone.

Chez Tante Mabel can be found on Facebook -

Chez Tante Mabel
2 Route du Puits Roule, Crotte,
Fondemoulin, Pers
Tel:05 49 29 19 07
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