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Come Cook in France

I have been a food editor of several food and lifestyle magazines in London and Sydney. I now live and work in SW France with my husband Ian Wallace and our dogs Bosco and Parker. Ian is an internationally acclaimed food and lifestyle photographer and we work together as a team.

I grew up on a farm in rural England eating home grown food. I fell in love with cooking in my early twenties and it was then that I decided to follow my heart into working in the culinary world. My journey has taken me all over the globe where I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the best chefs and cooks. Yes, I have been inspired by great chefs in fancy restaurants but far more often I have been blown away by food cooked from roadside stalls, a kitchen perched on the back of a motorbike or a hole in the wall cafe serving simple yet quite extraordinary and totally unforgettable dishes.

The job of a food stylist is to cook and present dishes for magazines and cook books. It means you get to cook dishes from cultures around the world from Peru, to Italy. Scandinavia to Australia. Japan to Morocco. I have learnt so much by these experiences and this is my skill-base. It is why I love a tagine as much as a ramen, a tortilla as much as a risotto, sushi as much and fish and chips. This is what I want to teach others, the joys of cooking, the creativity of combining cultures but most of all the pleasure of eating really good food.

Here at COME COOK IN FRANCE I strive to use locally sourced, organic and ethically reared animals. When we can, we will pick vegetables from our garden or go out and gather in the forest – it is so exciting to come across wild plums, peaches, walnuts, ceps and even wild asparagus around the area – and then to bring it home and cook and eat it!

My aim is to provide a truly unique cooking experience for both beginners and seasoned cooks. 

2017 is an exciting time for us and a new chapter in my career as I open my home and kitchen to cook with other people who share a passion for cooking.

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