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Dielle Ciesco

Hi, I'm Dielle, your certified yoga facilitator. My heart-centered approach to wellness combines different yoga styles to help you find what is right for your unique body, mind and spirit. Yoga has something for everyone. When we learn to honor ourselves through body awareness, intuitive movement, and mindfulness, the benefits carry into all aspects of our lives. It is especially helpful in addressing the unique challenges expats face. (I should know; it's definitely kept me sane!) Are you ready to discover your yoga?

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Dielle offers group yoga instruction and workshops (in English), one-to-one private sessions, and on-call services to gites and retreat sites in the Southern Charentes, Northern Dordogne, Southwest Maritime, & Upper West Gironde.

Dielle is a Patreon creator. You can get access to exclusive yoga, vocal toning, sound healing, and meditation videos for as little as $1(USD) a month. Visit

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Dielle Ciesco
Le Bourgoin
Tel:07 83 61 14 32
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Dielle took on two people in their early 70s, one a Yoga dabbler over the years and one a Yoga novice. From the first session we knew we had chosen the right activity and, above all, the right teacher to give us what we needed. Thank you Dielle.
Sue K., France

I am really loving my Monday morning Yoga Fusion sessions with Dielle. The sessions are really professional, well planned and enjoyable. The exercises are mindful, slowly stretching muscles and moving joints and energy, and as I have a lot of arthritis and stiffness in my muscles and joints this really works well for me. I leave feeling deeply relaxed in mind, body and spirit! ~Liz. B, 

"Dielle is clear and compassionate, but most of all fully present. Her calm and genuine teaching style makes it comfortable to open up. Thank you, Dielle, for this deep healing work. Your presence and capacity to tap into source and guide your fellow travelers most certainly makes this a better planet. Much much love and gratitude. "
Damaris Pierce, artist and creativity coach

Pour avoir été une patiente amoureuse des médecines holistique, et soins alternatifs, je trouve que Dielle travaille avec beaucoup de sérieux et de sincérité. Je ne doute pas une seconde de ses méthodes, et adore qu'elle m'en apprenne plus. Sans parler de ce qu'elle fait, mais en abordant ce qu'elle est: c'est une personnalité très douce, très calme et qui prends le temps de vérifier que ce qu'elle dit est compris. ~Stella Nose

"My experience with what you had me do really made me confront some deep things that many of the other healing modalities I have done never brought me too so quickly. It was intense in a way I never expected and as you said we only scratched the surface. I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for your taking time to work with and on me today. And thank you for your patience and compassion as well."
Craig Potter

Being in your group last week was the most delicious healing that I have ever felt! It was challenging for sure, but delicious because of how I felt afterwards, and still I am carrying around the feeling of nurturing you provided to me that special evening. I know now that I am worth being nurtured. I know I can trust the Universe to bring me where I need to be, both physically and emotionally, as long as I let my fear go...
THANK YOU FOR YOUR HEALING TECHNIQUES THAT COME FROM LOVE! I can really understand that language...
Lisa D'Angelo Guillory

Dielle – I cannot express to you how much I needed this workshop and how much I got out of it! I'm spending this whole day writing down what came up for me in that empowering journey. I was deeply moved! Fear of the unknown (and monkey chatter voices in my head) was beginning to take me into a place of terror. Thank you – thank you for facilitating this deeply healing circle. And thanks to all the members of the workshop! I felt connected and at peace when I left! Please use me as one of your "satisfied" workshop participants for future workshops! Blessings!
Sue Hibbits

"I found Dielle's workshop to be effective, powerful, and transformative. She is well trained, highly intuitive and has a palpable "shamanic" strength backing her up. I was surprised – and grateful. Besides that she's fun! and down to earth. I recommend highly."
Marston Blow

"I first read Dielle's book for help in finding my 'voice' and wound up marking many pages for rereading and referencing. I then participated in one of her workshops. I was astounded at the benefits. I was able to unlock pent-up sadness and anger and have a huge emotional cleansing. The results are with me today. Thank you, Dielle, for the work you do." 
Janice S., USA


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