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Ever thought about 'Slow Celta'?

About not getting exhausted  and all stressed out because you have that extra time to get all the work done?  
About having beautiful surroundings  to unwind and taking 5 weeks instead of the usual 4?

Well, we have.  So we've created an exceptional environment in Brittany for you to truly come and do your best

Come and experience the low-stress CELTA by the sea in Brittany. At our new location in France we're offering a whole new CELTA experience. We're running what is normally a 4 week intensive course over five weeks and we're building in lots of long weekends with opportunities to take advantage of the stunning scenery in Brittany and the fascinating culture. We'll be going on boats to visit the islands of Crozon and Ouissant. We'll be taking long walks along the seaside cliffs and paths. We'll be sitting in Breton pubs on Saturday evenings eating the local gallettes, crepes, seafood and tasting the many varieties of brews produced in the area. For those of you who want to stay in an authentic Breton manor house, we’re renting one for the duration of the course.

We believe that this 'down-time' will help you take a more relaxed approach to your CELTA, you'll have more time for writing your assignments and for your lesson planning. In all, you'll just get a lot less stressed-out.

CELTA caters for a wide range of people. Maybe you've been teaching for a few years and would like to get a qualification. Recent university graduates, people wanting to change job and try something else, travellers to Europe wanting to combine getting a teaching qualification with living in a European country. These are all people who enrol on CELTA courses. If English isn't your first language this doesn't pose a problem as long as you "have an awareness of the language and a competence in both written and spoken English which will enable you to undertake the course and prepare for teaching a range of levels" (Cambridge guidelines).

We pride ourselves on the particular care taken with accommodation at both our Strasbourg site and now our Brest site. We will have a full range of homestay and self-contained accommodation for you to choose from. We’ll be renting a local manor house during the length of the CELTA for those candidates who would like to live together in a genuine Breton environment.

The CELTA courses in Brest, just as in Strasbourg, take place in partnership with the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI). This national network has one of the highest volume sales of English language courses in the private sector in France.

Wherever you decide to settle in France after your CELTA we will be able to recommend you to your local CCI for employment. We also have an established list of employers, both in France and worldwide, who regularly contact us asking for our CELTA graduates. Our reputation has meant that we are one of the first ports of call for language schools looking for CELTA graduates.

The CELTA courses all take place at CIEL Bretagne, Rue du gué fleuri, 29480 LE RELECQ KERHUON

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Rue du gué fleuri
Le Relecq Kerhuon
Tel:07 62 99 17 22
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 "The course is a huge learning curve, and has given me a new level of respect for what teaching involves; the preparation, the challenge, the rewards in the classroom"

"The CCI is a great place to come and do this course. The facilities were just right and the atmosphere always good."

"The feedback was given in a very professional, supportive manner by both tutors. I think, aside from the practice itself, that this was the most important part of the course. The tutors' thoroughness in feedback sessions was wonderful!"

"Jane was a great help and always kind and concerned for people's well-being. I have truely enjoyed this experience, a real challenge.... one of the toughest experiences in my life, and I've done some tough things in my life!"

"Input excellent. Content, delivery and enthusiasm/motivation throughout was 5 star"

"Very tough, very demanding - gets the best out of trainees. Makes one feel very pleased with the completion - acheivement. Tutors were brilliant, very open and approachable. Somebody to look up to at all points"

"Before the course, I had so many doubts about my English and especially as I still and always will have a French accent. But you reassured me and all my fellow students did too. I will never forget that and I will always be very grateful for that."

"Although it was intense, I really loved the course. I was given all the materials, input and feedback I felt I needed to succeed - thank you so much!"


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